CPRC at Fox News: “Do Democrats want to disarm minorities?”

29 Jul , 2016  

Fox News Opinion

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox New on the Democratic National Convention:

On Tuesday night, the mother of Trayvon Martin praised Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia for having “the courage to lead the fight for common-sense gun legislation.”  Numerous other speakers also raised the gun control issue at the DNC, too.  But Wednesday night was clearly “gun night.”

From Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) to former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey to former Representative Gabby Giffords and her husband, NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly to others, a string of speakers pushed for more gun control.  When President Obama addressed the crowd he also pushed the notion of changing background checks on guns.

Hillary Clinton spoke about how “We should be working with responsible gun owners to pass common-sense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and all others who would do us harm,” on Thursday night.

Democrats are angry about what they claim to be mass, systematic racism by the police.  But they overlook the discriminatory effects of background checks.  These regulations disproportionately prevent law-abiding black and Hispanic males from getting guns.

It is President Obama’s theme in each of his speeches after mass public shootings.  Hillary Clinton has regularly made the same claim during her presidential campaign.

In June, ABC’s Jon Karl asked Murphy a simple question about his legislative proposal for background checks on private transfers of guns: “So why — why are we focusing on things that have nothing to do with the massacres we’re responding to?”  Murphy couldn’t point to a single mass public shooting that would have been stopped by his bill.  Indeed, I checked back to 2000 and also could not find a single such shooting.

But it is worse than that.  . . .


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  1. Jay Dee says:

    Of course they do. Self styled Progressives are selling “Separate but Equal” as Affirmative Action and Jim Crow as gun safety. They think the black community is so poorly educated that they won’t recognize the fraud.

    • Mike Grubbs says:

      Sorry , bro. Many do recognize such fraud and their fellow brothers who carry acknowledge same also.

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