EPIX channel is pulling Katie Couric’s Gun Control Movie with its Fraudulent Editing, UPDATE: EPIX denies that their removal of the film today had anything to do with Couric’s Apology

31 May , 2016  

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Katie Couric’s gun control movie has gotten a lot of criticism for fraudulently editing a discussion with the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  Just earlier today apologized today for the misleading edits.  The link to EPIX is available here.  The two might not be unrelated.  Will Apple now pull the movie from iTunes?

One reporter that I know refers to what is below as “Face saving bafflegab.”  People can make up their own minds about whether EPIX removing the film from its channel just hours after Katie Couric’s apology is a coincidence of timing or really a result of her apology.



Thank you for your inquiry.  As of today, Under the Gun moves out of the premium window – off of EPIX – and into a transactional VOD and EST window. This is part of the original agreement struck when we acquired the doc coming out of the Sundance Film Festival.  The distribution strategy allowed us to premiere the doc on the network and also preserve maximum value for the transactional VOD and EST windows that follow.  We did not pull the doc and there is nothing going on other than the distribution plan negotiated in January.  The doc is now available in transactional VOD and EST.

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Nora Ryan

Nora Ryan | EPIX

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