“Thank God for concealed carry.” Two different concealed carry permit holders in Chicago area stop armed robbers on same day

15 Jan , 2016  

Chicago T-Mobile Shooting TV Reporter 01132016Chicago Neighborhood early morning shooting 01132016

In reading these stories note that with the total cost of getting a permit in Illinois is about $500.  By contrast, in Indiana it is $49.95.  Chicago would be hearing a lot more stories if more people could afford getting a permit.

From a T-Mobile cellphone store on the far South Side of Chicago on January 13, 2016.  The Chicago Tribune has this story:

Two men drew handguns as they entered a cellphone store, 2051 E. 95th St., in the Calumet Heights neighborhood around 11 a.m., prompting a worker to take out his own firearm and shoot them, according to an account from employees given to Neil Tadros, who identified himself as the district manager for T-Mobile.

The employee shot both of the suspects, but they fled the store, got in a car and drove themselves to the hospital, Tadros said. At the time the suspects brandished weapons, employees acted, “pretty much to protect themselves when guns are drawn at them,” Tadros said.

“Thank God for concealed carry.”

The men, ages 24 and 35, walked into South Shore Hospital and were transferred in serious condition to Stroger Hospital, police said. The 35-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to his left arm and groin, and the 24-year-old man was shot in the left arm and abdomen, police said. . . . .

Tadros said he hopes allowing employees to have weapons with a concealed carry license will be a deterrent. . . .

The store was posted as not allowing permitted concealed handguns, but employees were allowed to carry.  Tadros’ hope to deter future attacks might be more realistic if he didn’t have gun-free zone signs at the front of the building.  See also this story on ABC WLS Channel 7 in Chicago.

Chicago T-Mobile Gun-free zone sign 01132016

CBS Channel 2 TV in Chicago has this story from Riverdale that borders Chicago.

Howard Walker, 64, went outside his home in the 14200 block of South Tracy Avenue around 5 a.m. to warm up his car for his wife, when he was confronted by at least one armed attacker.

Walker also was armed, and pulled out his weapon, exchanging gunfire with the attacker. . . .

Walker was in good condition Wednesday morning at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. The condition of his attacker has not been released. . . .

Chicago Neighborhood early morning shooting 01132016 - neighbor


7 Responses

  1. Ray Simpson says:

    Isn’t it a shame that those who stand their ground and defend others are demonized by the hand wringers and pacifists?

    • Cauthon says:

      I have generally thought that the rejection of our right to self-defense was just stupidity and lack of information on the part of the liberals – that they assume that self-defense is so rare that they can safely ignore it; certainly some of the supposedly educated people who write papers have tried to prove that. Lately I wonder if it is worse than that. Maybe they really do feel more sympathy for the crooks than for the rest of us. They accuse us of enabling criminals while really doing that themselves. And that would be consistent with the Rules for Radicals plans to de-stabilize the country in order to fundamentally transform it into a failed state.

  2. Michael says:

    Great success story, and reaction by the store manager. That said, get rid of that stupid sign! Why do you think these two criminals chose to rob this store in the first place? They did not care about the sign, other than counting on it, too keep the law abiding outside. They thought it would be easy. Having a gun free zone sign just make you a rich target for the bad guys.

  3. RobertG says:

    $500 for the RIGHT to be a citizen? Wimps but at least one
    store employee stood like a MAN. Come Illinois remember Concord and Lexington.

  4. Graniteman says:

    Yup, thank God for concealed carry.

    To you folks who post comments demonizing liberals, as if all liberals are by definition against guns and/or concealed carry, I’m a politically active Democrat, consider myself liberal – liberal on social issues – yet fiscally conservative. I vote Democratic, but for all my adult life, have been an advocate for gun ownership rights and personal safety training.

    We may disagree on political issues, but practically speaking, the country needs two healthy major political parties in order to function as the founding fathers intended. We also need folks of like mind from BOTH major parties, to actively participate in the fight to protect our second amendment rights.

    I’m really pleased to see positive news stories of concealed carry. Innocent lives are being spared because citizens were trained and prepared in how to responsibly exercise their right.

    Kudos also, to the folks who trained these citizen heroes.

  5. Greg Schmidt says:

    Excellent post about the need for concealed carry. The manager of the store obviously spent some time at the range. He did not waste any time and put a shot in critical mass area on each attacker as well as in the arms. Illinois has a ridiculous permitting policy, especially with the crime rate in Chicago, but we definitely need to see more stories like this; it’s one way to make the thugs think twice.

  6. Sam Sun says:

    Sorry mr. ok with gun democrat, but your party want to take away gun rights, not uphold em, so a vote for democrap, means a vote against self protection, with the best means available today.

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