Even DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier says Civilians Should Shoot Mass Public Shooters “Before Police Can Get There”

23 Nov , 2015  

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DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier on 60 Minutes about active shooters —   “If you’re in a position to try to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.”  Yet, according to Emily Miller, the chief investigative reporter for Fox News Channel 5 in DC, DC has only granted 45 concealed handgun permits.


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  1. The Hunter says:

    This statement she made on 60 Minutes gives an awfully good opening for a recognized expert on mass public shootings to have a constructive discussion with Chief Lanier. Ya never know, might be just the thing to get her to begin working on changing those policies. I figure you folks at CPRC are way ahead of me on this, but just in case…. talk to the Chief, provide her with solid data, and see what happens.

  2. Martin Anding says:

    She’s not serious. Just wants the press and wants a few extra votes.
    Only 45 permits to cover the city says more than her words.

  3. Kevin L. Wells says:

    OK Chief Lanier, HOW can the inhabitants of DC possibly “take out” a murderous assailant if very few concealed weapons permits are issued?

    While you are at it, can you also admit that the VICTIMS are “first responders”? Officers are essential to our society, but they are not guards and they are not everywhere.

    While in honesty mode, please explain how many rounds DC officers fire yearly. I know LEOs that expend 200 rounds per year and recreational pistol shooters that expend 5,000 per year. Could the low round expended lead to the high rate that officers simply miss their target?



  4. Raymond Lopez says:

    If the “politically correct” (read anti Second Amendment) have their way she will be fired. But sane people will always renumber that she was on their side and wanted to protect them even if cost her job.

  5. Rod Newnham says:

    How curious. Perhaps DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier has a short memory. The whole of the UK is a helpless victim zone, aka ‘gun free zone’. Any armed criminal coward – that includes terrorists, of course – know they can do theire worst here. Remember Hungerford, Dunblane etc.

    Even US official statistics report a decrease in armed crime wherever the criminal coward thinks his potential victim might just harm him. Almost every state now allows ‘concealed carry’ of a defensive weapon. It’s called deterrent; we only hear the ‘D’ word when speaking of Trident.

  6. david says:

    Yes shoot shooters

  7. OldRed says:

    The Israeli’s want 10% of their citizen’s with concealed weapons to add to the armed cops and military on the streets. Several states are passing 10% of the eligible population have carry permits. I doubt of more than 2% actually carry all the time.

    Considering the victim is always the first to respond to any shooting, violent crime or disaster to think anyone can get there before it happens except in very very rare cases if foolish. Police can only try to prevent crime and catch the S.O.B.’s after they done the crime. Unless your dirking coffee with a cop the party is over before they get there. If you need protection it is up to you.

    The Che if in DC has to put her money were her mouth is and give out some carry permits if she wants citizens to shoot terrorist.

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