New Concealed Handgun Permit Holder defends himself from three robbers, one of whom was armed

Oct 25, 2015 | Featured

Detroit CPL holder defends himself against 3 robbers

Fox TV Channel 2 in Detroit:

. . . Tremain, who doesn’t want to be identified because his family fears retaliation, says his brother had just finished work and was waiting for the bus at Schaefer and West Outer Drive on the west side when three teens confronted him.

One pulled out a gun and demanded his money.

“They threatened him and told him if he moved they were going to blow him which is a term for I’m going to kill or shoot you if you move,” Tremaine said. “And that’s what ended up happening.”

One of the suspects reached into the victim’s pocket and  stole $220. The trio became excited about the money . . . and became distracted – at that moment the CPL holder pulled out his gun and fired. . . .

“We are glad that he didn’t lose his life and he protected himself,” said Tremaine. . . . .

Tremain, who is also a CPL holder, believes this is a perfect example of why he and his brother have no choice but to carry in a city that is plagued by this sort of crime.