CPRC Testimony: Michigan Senate Judiciary SB442 Allowing CPL Holders to carry in gun-free zones

16 Oct , 2015  

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Crime Prevention Research Center President Dr. John Lott Jr. gives testimony on Senate Bill 442. This bill creates an exemption for CPL holders, allowing lawful concealed carry in gun-free zones.




2 Responses

  1. Steve Gwilt says:

    As a lawful concealed pistol licensee, I carry for my defense and the defense of my family. In today’s society, the “copy-cats” of criminal intent are choosing gun free zones as their killing zones. I do not pretend that a CPL is law enforcement but when seconds count, police are minutes away. We must exercise our right to carry everywhere, all the time. I WILL NOT fear these killing zones and I WILL NOT allow my family to be the victims of an evil murderer. Please, if you do not fully understand firearms and the 2nd amendment, I implore you to get educated and seek the truth for yourselves. Thank you.

  2. Rene Lebel says:

    It’s a logical step if the extra permission is seasoned with the requirement to get proper training. After all we don’t want to make things worst, right?
    I expect few people to take that extra step. Because of that, they should be known and trained by the local police agency when possible. Interventions in public space is much more serious than elsewhere.

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