CPRC in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania newspaper: Special Report on Concealed Carry

12 Aug , 2015  

lancasteronline Special Report on Concealed Carry

LNP (the newspaper for Lancaster, Pennsylvania) has a large news special on concealed handguns in the state.  This is from part of the article (an online poll is available here):

. . . John Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, is the author of “More Guns, Less Crime” and one of the nation’s foremost gun researchers. He said Obama’s election was a factor in the spike in both concealed carry permits and gun sales.

But the fact that concealed carry continues to increase suggests something else is going on.


“I don’t think that Obama’s election or re-election can explain the even faster increase over the last few years,” Lott said. “Polls show there has also been a change in people’s perceptions about guns making them safer.”

In a 2014 poll, 57 percent of respondents told the Pew Research Center that gun ownership could “protect people from becoming victims of crime.” That’s up from 48 percent just two years earlier.

Lott noted that “the groups that have shown the greatest increase in concealed handgun permits are women and blacks, and those same groups have seen the largest changes in their favorable views towards guns keeping them safer.”

In its July report, the Crime Prevention Resource Center notes some evidence suggests that concealed carry permit-holding by minorities is increasing more than twice as fast as it is for whites. . . .

The rest of the article is available here.


Listing the counties by the ones that issued the most permits isn’t the same as listing them by the ones that have the largest percentage of the adult population with permits.  Indeed, 3 of the 5 counties have a lower per capita rate of permits than the state average.  The percent of the adult population with permits for the counties listed:

Allegheny County: 7.7% of the adult population
Bucks County: 8.1% of the adult population
Lancaster County: 9.9% of the adult population
Westmoreland County: 17.7% of the adult population
York County: 12% of the adult population

The LNP had another article the same day that also discussed the Crime Prevention Research Center.

. . . “Americans with concealed handguns save lives every day,” argues John R. Lott Jr., president of the pro-gun Crime Prevention Research Center. In an op-ed published in The Philadelphia Inquirer last month, Lott argued that rising rates of concealed-gun carrying led to falling murder rates across the country. . . .

A list of other academic articles that account for a wide variety of factors that could also affect the results is available here.



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