Former Maryland state police Captain and new CPRC Fellow Jack McCauley on Fox & Friends

22 Mar , 2015  

CPRC’s research on concealed handguns is discussed here, though we are going to have to work with Jack a little bit to get the name right!
Jack McCauley on Fox & Friends


5 Responses

  1. Michael C. Lutz says:

    I am never surprised that government individuals and those employed by the government understand their error once they have retired!!!

    I am certain they did not want to lose that great government job ILO standing up for what was correct.
    They get smart once they get the government pension.

  2. johnrlott says:

    Dear Michael:

    You are not being fair to Jack. In this interview, Jack noted that he quit his job when he was being ordered to do policy that he had come to believe was wrong. Would you have quit your job over wanting to do the right thing? I don’t know what else you could have asked from Jack. It is that type of courage that caused us to offer Jack a position as a fellow with the CPRC.

  3. Peter Buchheit says:

    Perhaps Mr. McCauley’s departure from the MD state police force was the right decision for him, but speaking as one of the many, many MD citizens whose 2nd amendment rights have been and continue to be routinely denied due to this state’s misguided and illegal CCP policy, I would have been more enthusiastic about his mea culpa on this issue had he remained in his job and attempted to bring about necessary change from within.
    Gun rights advocates in MD will be watching to see if he takes steps to shine a bright light on this issue from his new position.

  4. johnrlott says:

    Dear Peter:

    It is not like Jack could have hidden is failure to follow orders. The governor could easily see if more permits were being issued and Jack would have been fired. If someone is being ordered to follow policies that they think are wrong, they can follow them or resign. Jack was willing to give up his job. How many people would do that? In any case, you are forgetting that his statements in testimony or on Fox make a difference.

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