Pennsylvania town posts signs: “This is not a gun free zone”

6 Feb , 2015  

This is not a gun free zone sign

Conoy Township has only a little over 3,000 people, but they may be getting some unusual attention.  From Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s LNP:

Conoy Township has a message for criminals who might be thinking about preying on its residents: This is not a gun-free zone.

And that’s exactly what visitors will see once all the signs are securely in place along every road leading into the township. . . .

Mohr said he came up with the idea and township supervisors unanimously approved the decision to create and post the signs last fall.

“Over the last six months we’ve seen more and more home invasions and petty crime, so we thought these signs would show people we take pride in what we own,” he said. . . .

The CPRC has been informed that another town, Greenleaf, Idaho, is scheduled to vote on this.  Fox News has a story here that interviews the mayor of Greenleaf.  Apparently there is a lot more support out there: “Phone calls and emails have come in from elsewhere in Pennsylvania and California, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Idaho, Kentucky, and other states, township supervisor Stephen L. Mohr said.

Unfortunately, the signs were quickly defaced. Lancaster Online had this story.

Someone spraypainted four of them overnight Feb. 5. News of the vandalism spread fast. A story even ran in the Daily Mail newspaper in England. . . .

He expected vandals to target the signs after media reported about them. One sign had paint over the word “NOT.” Paint covered the entire message on a few of the signs. Peace signs were also spraypainted on or near some of the signs. . . .

The vandalized signs “have been cleaned up and look as good as new,” Mohr said. A township road crew member cleaned two of the signs and township resident Tonya Guringo cleaned the other two. . . .



2 Responses

  1. steve says:

    I wish R city officials would let us do this too

  2. ThinkLonger says:

    I would suggest placing a trail cam facing the sign to catch vandals.

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