CPRC in the Christian Science Monitor and Yahoo News and other places

14 Feb , 2015  

This is from Patrik Jonsson’s article that originally appeared in the Christian Science Monitor and Yahoo News:

Others, however, including John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime,” have found the opposite – that the addition of 6 million concealed-carry permits since 2007 correlates in some fashion to a 22 percent drop in the overall murder and violent crime rates in the US.

For many gun rights advocates, it’s clear that the spike in gun carry over the past decade has so far not resulted in mayhem. . . .

Other media coverage of the Crime Prevention Research Center over the last couple of days.  David Codrea at the Gun Rights Examiner:

The Crime Prevention Research Center has found massive errors in the VPC “study,” including the inconvenient truth that 91 percent of Police one survey respondents support citizen concealed carry.

Still, to put things in perspective, say all of the VPC “gun deaths” were unjustified.

Again per the Crime Prevention Research Center, by current estimates, there are over 11 million Americans with concealed carry permits. Now instead of me giving you numbers, go ahead and prove something to yourself. Go to Math.com and calculate what percentage 722, the total currently-touted VPC number, yields out of 11 million. . . .

Another article at MySurburbanLife.com has this:

A July 2014 report by the pro-gun Crime Prevention Research Center pegged the number of Americans with concealed-carry permits at 11.1 million, almost two and a half times the 4.5 million it estimated in 2007. That number does not include “open carry,” which is allowed in a number of states, both with or without a permit required. . . .


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