The Melbourne Square Mall in Florida is yet another gun-free zone

Jan 17, 2015 | Featured

There might not be too many malls in Florida that ban permitted concealed handguns, but the Melbourne Square Mall where there was an attack that left one victim dead and one wounded was another gun-free zone.  The Melbourne Square Mall is “a Simon Mall.”  Yet, none of the news media have mentioned this point.  Now carrying in posted areas is not itself a crime in Florida, but if a person is asked to leave the mall and they refuse, they can be arrested for trespassing.  That said, posted bans are more likely to abided by law-abiding permit holders than those intent on committing a crime.

The pattern has been that virtually all the mass public shootings  with more than three people killed have all occurred where general citizens aren’t able to carry.  With only one victim killed in this mall, this case doesn’t contradict that pattern.

From Fox News:

A deadly shooting at a Florida mall left two people dead and one wounded Saturday morning after a man opened fire on his wife and another victim before turning the gun on himself.

After responding to reports around 9:30 a.m. of multiple shots fired inside the Melbourne Square Mall, police tweeted that the “shooter is contained” and that officers were clearing the mall store by store. . . . .

USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, and all the other news stories that I could find have all ignored this aspect of the story.

The link for the screen shot below is available here.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at  Saturday, January 17, 11.30 PM



  1. Thomas Stratford

    Please keep in mind, that these malls, in Florida at least have the right to ask people to leave the property if a concealed weapon is somehow detected, and if one refuses to do so, they can only be charged with trespass only. So carry away!

    • Bob S

      Every property owner has the right to prohibit undesired conduct on their property.

      When will they be held responsible for the safety of the visitors they disarm?

  2. Russell S

    This looks like an attractive nuisance to me.
    Simon properties has created a hazard by disarming their patrons,by doing so they have assumed the mantle of protection, and failed to provide adequate security,

    • John Wootton Canada

      You people are insane

  3. John Wootton Canada

    You people are insane


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