Dramatic video of a passerby with a concealed handgun permit saving a woman who was being attacked in her car

6 Jan , 2015  

From CBS-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth about a case in Southlake, Texas:

A North Texas man is being heralded a hero after police said he held a man at gunpoint who was assaulting a woman.
The tense standoff broke out on Friday near the intersection of Carroll Avenue and Southlake Boulevard.
Witnesses reported seeing a man standing in the middle of the street pointing a gun straight at the passenger of a red vehicle with the door open.
“We expected crowds and long return lines, but we never expected to see that,” said Lindsey Bryant, who witnessed scene.
Bryant was traveling as a passenger in the car with her mother and daughter. Her sister Mistina Doland was next to her behind the wheel.
“It was intense not knowing whether bullets were going to start flying from either side of the street,” said Doland.
Seconds after the sisters dialed 911, police rolled up on the scene.
Investigators sorted out the situation and determined the man with the gun was actually trying to help.
Chief Steve Mylett with the Southlake Police Department said the man had just witnessed the driver of the red vehicle hitting his female passenger. Police arrested MacMichael Nwaiwu, 28, who is now in jail.
“It’s amazing that in this day in age that people are willing to reach out and help,” said Doland. . . . .

UPDATE: here is another case from January 13th where a robber made the mistake of trying to rob a concealed carry permit holder in a restaurant parking lot.

. . . Investigators said 21-year-old Rontavis Holton confronted Ronald Farmer, 37, just after 6 p.m. in the restaurant parking lot near West Atlantic Boulevard and Northwest 6th Avenue.

Holton, wearing a ski mask and sunglasses, told Farmer to pull down his pants during the attempted robbery.

Detectives said Farmer was able to reach for his own gun and shoot Holton. Holton was rushed to the hospital where he died. . . .



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