Gallup Survey Shows how people’s views on the benefits of guns has change over the last 15 years

10 Nov , 2014  

According to Gallup, there has been a massive increase in the percent of the population who views that safety is increased by having guns in the home.  With the exception of Democrats, every single demographic group that Gallup breaks out thinks that having a gun in the home makes people safer (even women by a a 58 to 34 percent majority).

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These poll results are consistent with a December 2013 poll showing that 63% of Americans thinking tighter restrictions on buying and owning guns would not be effective in preventing criminals from obtaining guns.

An earlier poll by the Washington Post-ABC News shows a similar result for April 2013 (though the Gallup poll suggests that the percentage of people who feel that a gun in the home makes them safer has continued to grow in the 20 months between the Washington Post-ABC News and latest Gallup polls).

Lost amid the debate is the fact that for the first time a majority of Americans say having a gun in the household makes it a safer place to be, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. By a wide 51 to 29 percent margin, more people say a gun in the house makes it safer rather than more dangerous. . . .



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