Bloomberg Businessweek cites CPRC study on the number of concealed handgun permits

26 Sep , 2014  

The piece by Joel Rosenblatt notes the comparison our recent study made between the explosion in concealed handgun permits and dropping murder rates:

Gun control advocates say that math is dangerous, because without stringent permitting, the odds go up that guns will fall into the wrong hands.
“The more guns you have in public spaces, the more likely you are to have altercations between people that become deadly,” Mike McLively, a lawyer at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said in an interview.

Crime Rates
While there’s plenty of debate about the causes and cures for gun violence, the U.S. murder rate dipped to a historic low last year while the number of concealed weapons permits nationwide soared to an all-time high.
There are now more than 11 million permit holders in the U.S., and the growth has accelerated with almost 1.5 million new permits issued in the past year, according to a July report by the Crime Prevention Research Center. . . .



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