Remembering Piers Morgan as his show is canceled

29 Mar , 2014  

On the eve of Piers’ last show, here are some videos and commentary that will give people a flavor of the type of show that he had. It is too bad that his show has been canceled. In many ways, Piers unintentionally helped out those who opposed gun control.

Piers’ reliance on Mother Jones as a source for statistics in this second video is discussed here.
Another video with some commentary is available here.
Another video is available here.

Erik Wemple has some useful commentary on Piers Morgan’s show here, here, here, here, and here.


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  1. CMVII says:

    Couldn’t help but notice how Piers used a Mother Jones article that falsely assumed that so many “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” would have been unavailable had the AWB been in place in 2013.

    I built an AR-15 legally from a kit in 1999 (some features I couldn’t get, but none of those hampered its functionality in the least), and GI-issue 30-round mags were in plentiful supply.

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