15 Aug , 2017

CPRC in the News: From the White House, New York Post, Breitbart, Indianapolis Business Journal,

West Wing Reads, July 31, 2017

Regarding historic Democratic obstruction, at Fox News, former U.S. Sentencing Commission economist John R. Lott writes that “Democrats have done everything they can to slow down all of President Trump’s nominees,”highlighting the case of “non-controversial” nominee of Kevin Hassett to be CEA chair.

New York Post, August 14, 2017

But if it were simply about safety, there are a whole lot of other features that would be banned from foster homes, like swimming pools.

14 Aug , 2017

CPRC research discussed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has an editorial that spends a significant amount of space discussing our recent writings.  The entire piece is worth reading, but here is part of it:

Democrats like to say that they work for the little guy. How is it, then, that they seem intent on keeping lower-income earners — particularly those in crime-infested areas — from exercising their Second Amendment right to defend themselves?

14 Aug , 2017

At Fox News: The New York Times wants us to believe communists have better sex

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News responding to the claims in the New York Times that communists in the former Soviet Union had better sex.  But the policies that the Soviet Union set up to weaken the family have a much darker side.  The move to single parent families also fits in with a large academic literature indicating everything from poor school performance to more crime.  …

14 Aug , 2017

In the Washington Times: Confirming Kevin Hassett to chair the Council of Economic Advisers is prudent and necessary

Kevin Hassett’s confirmation to chair the Council of Economic Advisers is important not just taxes but also for a whole range of other issues, including crime.  The Council of Economic Advisers touches on every issue that economists have done research on.  From the beginning of Dr. John Lott’s piece in the Washington Times:

Even if the Senate votes for confirmation on the very day that it returns from recess, a record 112 days will have passed since President Trump nominated Kevin Hassett to chair the Council of Economic Advisers.

13 Aug , 2017

Seven defensive gun uses in public over seven days

As usual, these cases exclude ones where a store owner or a home owner uses a gun on their own property to defend themselves.  There are so many of those reported in the news.  What we aim for here are cases where people who are legally carrying in public use a gun to defend themselves or others.…

12 Aug , 2017

Did the National Research Council Report on “Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review” show that right-to-carry laws don’t reduce crime?

A frequent claim by gun control advocates is that the National Research Council (NRC) 2005 report, “Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review,” has “debunked,” “emphatically rejected,” “disproved,” or failed to support research showing that right-to-carry laws reduce crime.  It is not too surprising that gun control advocates and the media like to point to their interpretation of the NRC report because the studies that look at the data for the US normally find strong support for right-to-carry laws reducing violent crime.  …

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11 Aug , 2017

Steve Gruber Show to discuss how Democrats are making it difficult for poor people to defend themselves

Dr. John Lott was on the Steve Gruber Show to discuss how Democrats are making it difficult for poor people to defend themselves and the increased number of guns found in carry-on luggage at US airport.

(Tuesday, August 8, 2017, from 6:45 to 6:53 AM)

11 Aug , 2017

Washington Post piece on our discussion of Guns found in carry-on luggage at Airports

Fred Kunkle at the Washington Post has a follow-up story on the seizure of guns at US airports and on our work on concealed handgun permits.

A researcher has run the numbers on the record-setting number of guns found in carry-on luggage at airport checkpoints and found some good news: given the estimated number of people who are legally carrying firearms in the United States these days, he says the rate of seizures at airport checkpoints has actually declined.

11 Aug , 2017

On WLW’s Scott Sloan Show to talk about how Democrats are working to have only the wealthy own guns

Dr. John Lott talked to Scott Sloan on the big 50,000-watt WLW about his op-ed in the Chicago Tribune about how Democrats are working to have only the wealthy own guns as well as the coming congressional debate about concealed handgun reciprocity.

(Wednesday, August 9, 2017, from 8:06 to 8:21 AM)

10 Aug , 2017

On Fox 5 in DC on the Circuit court decision striking down DC’s strict concealed handgun law

Fox 5 DC interviews Dr. John Lott about DC Circuit Court’s Decision Striking down DC’s restrictive Concealed Carry law.  Lott pointed out how DC is not letting the most likely victims of violent crime

(Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 10:02 PM)