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On the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast: Discussing Gun Control and Vote Fraud

18 Jun , 2021   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to Dinesh D’Souza on his podcast about why more guns mean less crime and also why our new research on voting rules in other countries.

(June 14, 2021)…



On America’s Voice Live: Discussing the “For the People Act” and Federal Judge striking down California Assault Weapon Ban

17 Jun , 2021   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to Steve Gruber on America’s Voice Live about the Democrats “For the People Act” that would ban the use of voter photo IDs. They also talked about a Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s Assault Weapons Ban, a case for which Lott was an expert witness for the plaintiff.…



On One America News Voter about Voter Rules in the rest of the world

16 Jun , 2021   Video

As Democrats continue to loosen voting restrictions, Crime Prevention Research Center President John Lott says Europe could be an example for why tight voting laws are necessary. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

June 4, 2021…



On the Michael Berry Show: What can be done to stop vote fraud

16 Jun , 2021  

Dr. John Lott was on Michael Berry’s national radio show to talk about voting rules in the US and the rest of the world.

(Tuesday, June 15, 2021)…



On One America News’ Tipping Point To Discuss Voting ID Regulations in other countries

15 Jun , 2021   Video

Dr. John Lott was on One America News’ Tipping Point with Kara McKinney to discuss voter ID and absentee ballot regulations in other countries.

June 2, 2021…

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On the Michigan Talk Network: New Poll shows Voter ID in Michigan is strongly supported by BOTH Republican and Democratic Votes.

15 Jun , 2021  

Dr. John Lott was on the Michigan Talk Network with Steve Gruber to talk about voting rules in the US and the rest of the world.

(Thursday, June 10, 2021, from 8:35 to 8:46 AM)


Campus carry

What is the danger to allowing Concealed handguns on University property?: Shootings by permit holders from 2012 to May 2021

14 Jun , 2021  

Keep in mind that 12 states mandate that public universities allow permitted concealed handguns on public college campuses (the NCSL excludes Tennessee from their list because professors and staff and not students are allowed to carry). Twenty-three other states leave it up to the individual schools. This post is an updated list of what we had published in March 2018.…


CDC, Corruption

Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Marty Makary: The CDC ‘Sits On’ Data To Suit Their Narrative. Raising questions about trusting them on other data issues.

14 Jun , 2021   Video

The CDC has had serious errors previously in their data dealing with gun control issues that the CPRC was able to get corrected only after strenuous efforts. If the CDC withholds data that goes against their initial claims, why should we trust them on other issues such as gun control?…

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