17 Feb , 2018

On The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis in Tuscon, Arizona to discuss the attack in Florida

Dr. John Lott was on Garret Lewis’ radio show in Tuscon, Arizona to discuss the horrible attack in Florida.

(Thursday, February 15, 2018, from 8:38 to 8:50 AM)

16 Feb , 2018

At Fox News: Florida shooting: Gun control advocates rush to distort the truth about what happened in Parkland

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News discussing how gun control advocates viciously attack their opponents and yet they are the ones who push gun control regulations that have nothing to do with stopping these attacks.  The piece starts this way:

Gun control advocates are only too sure that they occupy the moral high ground.

16 Feb , 2018

On DC’s big WMAL to discuss the immediate call for more gun control laws that wouldn’t have stopped the Florida School Shooting

After each mass public shooting there is an immediate call for more gun control laws, but strangely the effort keeps on being for gun control laws that are completely unrelated to the crime that they were being motivated by.  People say that they want to do something, but let’s do something that is related to the tragedy.  …

16 Feb , 2018

On the Lars Larson show to discuss some problems with the current background check system and why gun control advocates refuse to fix them

Dr. John Lott talked to Lars Larson about his piece in the New York Times and what can be done to fix the background check system.   These should be simple obvious changes that everyone can agree to.  For example, do we really want millions of people wrongly denied from being able to buy guns?…

15 Feb , 2018

Gun control advocates make it personal, claim opponents “have blood on their hands”

Notice that when gun control advocates supported laws that made it so that the Republican congressmen last year couldn’t defend themselves, did Republicans attack Democrats for having “blood on their hands.”  No, but that is a common attack for Democrats.  As noted below, Dr. John Lott has long been the subject of these claims.…

14 Feb , 2018

UPDATE: CPRC Original Research: Of cases of at least 15 murders, all but two of the 25 worst mass public shootings, 59 of the worst 66, occurred outside the United States

Picture of victim being removed from ISIS attack in Tunisia that left 39 people dead

LAST UPDATED: Updated on February 14, 2018.  Previous November 1, 2017;  April 29, 2016 (originally posted on June 28, 2015) (Detailed discussion on Europe and the rest of the world can be found in Dr.…

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14 Feb , 2018

Another mass public shooting in Florida, another gun-free zone: Parkland, Florida school shooting

UPDATE: At least 17 people were killed in this horrible attack.

ORIGINAL POST: When will there be a serious discussion of the dangers of gun-free zones?  When will the media point out in their discussions of the guns used or how the guns were obtained that another attack occurred in a gun-free zone?…

12 Feb , 2018

Op-ed in the New York Times: Background Checks Are Not the Answer to Gun Violence

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed in the New York Times on some of the problems with background checks.  The piece starts this way:

With each mass shooting, calls rise from gun control advocates for tighter rules on firearms. The go-to policy prescription involves background checks. But a measure passed by the House and being considered in the Senate to expand the National Instant Criminal Background Check System would not only fail to fix major flaws in the system but would also probably introduce new ones.

11 Feb , 2018

On the Bill Martinez Show to talk about the state of the gun control debate and research on illegal aliens

Dr. John Lott talked to Bill Martinez on his national radio show early this past week about the national gun control debate and his recent research on crime by illegal aliens.

(Tuesday, February 7, 2018, from 10:05 to 10:30 AM)


9 Feb , 2018

Media Bias on guns: On “Designated Survivor,” Kiefer Sutherland pushes for universal background checks

In a series of scenes that could have been written by Michael Bloomberg, Designated Survivor keeps making the case for expanded background checks.  No intellectual argument or even an emotional argument is provided against the gun control claims, and those opposing the regulations are treated as dishonest. The question to the president played by Kiefer Sutherland takes a question from a woman whose daughter was killed by a former boyfriend who was in prison.  …