6 Oct , 2017

On Hannity’s TV show on Fox News, Evidence that More Guns, Less Crime

WELL WORTH WATCHING: Dr. John Lott and Robert Massi talked to Sean Hannity about the impact of gun control on crime rates.  The first part of the segment examines John Lott’s research on guns and crime.

The one note that we would have added to Hannity’s discussion on the graphs was that the UK’s homicide rate only started to decline after a very large increase in the number of police.…

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4 Oct , 2017

On Fox Business to discuss Australia’s gun control laws and other proposals being raised after the Las Vegas Attack

Dr. John Lott talked to Stuart Varney about whether the proposed gun control regulations, such as those in Australia, would stop terrorist attacks.

(Wednesday, October 4, 2017, from 9:47 to 9:51 AM)

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxbusiness.com”>video.foxbusiness.com</a>


28 Sep , 2017

On Canada’s The Rebel: Another concealed carry hero stops mass public shooter

Dr. John Lott talked to Ezra Levant on Canada’s The Rebel about the Antioch mass public shooter who was stopped by a concealed handgun permit holder.
(Wednesday, September 27, 2017)


26 Sep , 2017

On Bret Baier’s Special Report on Fox News to discuss whether permitted concealed handguns make people safer

This segment focused on the Church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee that was stopped by an armed hero. Piecing together the story from multiple accounts, a 25-year-old shooter, Emanuel Kidega Samson, killed one person in the parking lot, entered the church, and started shooting.  A 22-year-old usher, Robert Engle, tried to wrestle with the shooter, but Samson is a very large bodybuilder, and Engle realized that he was not strong enough to stop him.  …


30 Aug , 2017

On the One America News Network: “Concealed Carry Permits Hits All Time High”

From One America News: “A new report shows gun ownership appears to be more popular than ever in America. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.”  The reporter mangles the name of the Crime Prevention Research Center, but that is the only mistake in the segment.

(August 30, 2017)


22 Aug , 2017

On The Rebel to talk about Donald Trump’s views on gun ownership

Dr. John Lott talks to Canada’s Ezra Levant about gun control issues under President Trump and how gun control makes it so only the wealthy and politically powerful have guns.


1 Aug , 2017

On Fox Business to talk about tax cuts and the impact that they will have on investment in the US

Dr. John Lott says optimism over tax reform is boosting the markets.  He explains how money will US flood markets if we get tax cuts.


23 Jul , 2017

On Fox Business’ Varney & Co to discuss the changes in concealed handgun permits

Dr. John Lott talked to Fox Business’ Stuart Varney about the CPRC’s newest study on concealed handgun permits.

(Friday, July 21, 2017, from 9:16 to 9:19 AM)