Monmouth University Poll shows Blacks and Whites equally satisfied with their local police departments, black satisfaction up dramatically among blacks

6 Jun , 2020  

You would never know if from the media, but over the last five years black satisfaction with their local police departments has soared from 50% being at least somewhat satisfied in 2015 to 72% now. The rate for other minorities has also gone up slightly from 65% to 68%. While the rate for whites has fallen a little so that it is now identical to the rate for blacks (falling from 78% to 72%).…



Do Blacks trust the police more than whites or Hispanics do?

8 Dec , 2014  

A recent Gallup survey shows 50% of blacks believe that black males are more likely to go to prison than white males primarily because of discrimination. By contrast, only 19% of whites agreed.  Blacks also indicate that they have less confidence in police and the criminal justice system than whites in other ways, though those differences are significantly smaller.…

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