With the focus on “Gun Crime,” what percent of Violent Crimes involve Guns? 8.3%

12 Jul , 2021  

I’ve asked to prioritize gun violence. . . .

Joe Biden, “Remarks by President Biden on Gun Violence Prevention,” The White House Briefing Room, April 8, 2021.

For folks at home, here’s what you need to know: I’ve been at this a long time and there are things we know that work that reduce gun violence and violent crime, and things that we don’t know about.

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President Trump: Uses CPRC research to point out that virtually all of Europe either prohibits absentee ballots or require Photo Voter IDs

3 Dec , 2020   Video

President Trump in speech of December 2, 2020:

Most Americans would be shocked to learn no state in the country verifies citizenship as a condition for voting in federal elections. This is a national disgrace. No other advanced country conducts elections this way. 

Many European countries have instituted major restrictions on mail-in voting specifically because they recognize the nearly unlimited potential for fraud.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Publishes Bogus Science from RAND on gun control

23 Jun , 2020  

In a paper titled, “Changes in firearm mortality following the implementation of state laws regulating firearm access and use,” RAND Corporation staffers have published a paper examining child access prevention (CAP), right-to-carry (RTC), and stand your ground (SYG) laws. The paper shows that the people at RAND are continuing doing very biased and poorly done research on gun control.…

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UPDATE: US data on Coronavirus deaths exaggerating the number of deaths?: US Hospitals Paid More for labeling cause of death as Coronavirus, Doctors falsely labeling deaths

11 May , 2020   Video

UPDATE: Here is a new piece that we have that summarizes the information in this post (click here).

Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of Illinois Department of Public Health, in the above video from April 18, 2020, explains how extremely broadly deaths count as a Coronavirus death.

“I just want to be clear in terms of the definition of ‘people dying of COVID.’


CPRC in the Annals of Internal Medicine on the supposed lack of medical journal research on firearms

1 Mar , 2015  

CPRC Senior Research Fellow Charles Jessee had a comment accepted in the Annals of Internal Medicine that put straight the false claim that federal funding restrictions prevented research on firearms.