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President Trump: Uses CPRC research to point out that virtually all of Europe either prohibits absentee ballots or require Photo Voter IDs

3 Dec , 2020   Video

President Trump in speech of December 2, 2020:

Most Americans would be shocked to learn no state in the country verifies citizenship as a condition for voting in federal elections. This is a national disgrace. No other advanced country conducts elections this way. 

Many European countries have instituted major restrictions on mail-in voting specifically because they recognize the nearly unlimited potential for fraud.

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Media Politicize New Zealand Terror Attack, Blame Trump

15 Mar , 2019   Video

It is only too easy to find media who are blaming Trump for the mass public shooting in New Zealand on March 14, 2019. Below are transcripts of some CNN clips. Just one question to think about: If Trump is so responsible for these attacks, why is it that these attacks were becoming relatively more frequent in the rest of the world long before Trump became president?…

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