17 Feb , 2019

Why do Democrats keep pushing Universal Background Checks as a way to stop Mass Public Shootings?

Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) pushes gun background checks on private transfers because “We Could Have Parkland at Any Time,” but there is not 1 mass public shooting this century that would have been stopped by this law. So why do gun controllers keep pushing it as a solution?

As usual, this interviewer on CNN refuses to ask a tough question.…

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28 Jan , 2019

Television Show Bias on gun control: The Rookie pushes gun buybacks, registration of guns, and shows an accidental gunshot killing a woman

In a series of scenes that could have been written by Michael Bloomberg, The Rookie tries making the case for gun buybacks and gun registration (S1, E11). The officers in this scene tell people that turning in their guns to police during the buyback will make the city safer. A woman is shown bringing in her father’s weapons, one of which is a Claymore mine.…


20 Nov , 2018

Bloomberg’s Everytown former Research Director hired by New York Times to cover gun control issues

Bloomberg’s Everytown former Research Director, Ted Alcorn, is now covering public health & safety reporting, obviously including gun control issues, for the New York Times. Does the New York Times think that hiring an activist like this helps with people’s impression that they have a lot of bias on gun control issues?…

2 Nov , 2018

At the Daily Caller: The Media, Democrats were apoplectic about Trump’s response to Pittsburgh shooting

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at the Daily Caller on the biased media coverage about President Trump’s comments after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. The piece starts this way:

The media and Democrats were apoplectic about President Trump’s comments after the horrific shooting attack at the Pittsburgh synagogue. For the most part, the media viewed his condolences as pitch-perfect.


2 Oct , 2018

CBS’ Bull claiming that buying a handgun in New York City is the “easiest thing in the world”

CBS’ Bull (Season 3, episode 2) is about a woman who murdered a man who killed her child. According to the show, the woman who fatally shot this man found it the “easiest thing in the world” to legally buy a handgun in New York City.

First, one has to get a NYC handgun license, which is not only expensive (about $440); forms, reference letters, and a visit and interview by the NYPD; and it can take up to eight months to get the license.…


8 Sep , 2018

Political Bias on Guns: Gap between movie review and audience scores is huge for Jennifer Garner’s “Peppermint”

The gap between what audiences think of a movie and what top movie critics think of a movie has rarely been larger than for Jennifer Garner’s “Peppermint,” except for notably Bruce Willis’ recent “Death Wish.”  While only 13% of all critics (and 14% of top movie reviewers) liked “Peppermint,” there is a huge gape between that and the 85% of the audiences who saw it and liked it.…

3 Sep , 2018

More Social Media Bias: Facebook prevents us from advertising Fox News stories about our work

Our attempts this week to put up ads on Facebook produced some disturbing results. Facebook treated a news link from Fox News and a link to our website very differently, even though both contained the same information. We have previously been prevented many times from linking to our Fox News opinion pieces, but we hadn’t thought about the issue of systematic bias against Fox News until the events of this week.


28 Aug , 2018

Media Bias on Guns: CBS’ Elementary claiming that gun buybacks always reduce gun deaths

“Sherlock Holmes” on CBS Elementary explains that gun buyback programs “reduce the number of firearm fatalities everywhere they have been attempted.” In fact, the opposite is true.

Here is a quote from the National Academies of Sciences report “Firearms and Violence” (pp. 95-6, emphasis added): “The theory on which gun buy-back programs is based is flawed in three respects.…


16 Aug , 2018

Media Bias on Guns: ABC’s “The Bold Type” uses all the typical gun control rhetoric and tries to let young women know they will alienate their friends

ABC’s “The Bold Type” is about young women working at fictitious Scarlet magazine in New York City (think Cosmopolitan). Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy) risks alienating her friends by owning a gun. When roommate Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens) finds out, she confronts Sutton and acts like she’s some unthinking conservative who doesn’t care about people’s safety.…


8 Aug , 2018

Media Bias on Guns: ABC’s Quantico: Obligatory “I hate guns”

A lot of TV characters these days are saying how much they hate guns. It is hard to think of any other item that they so regularly deride.

We previously pointed to ABC’s The Crossing, when the Sheriff’s son says, “I don’t like guns.” The main character on NBC’s Reverie said simply, “I hate guns.” The phrase was again used here in ABC’s Quantico (Season 1, episode 4).…

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