14 Dec , 2015

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CPRC on NBC News: Discussing the change in gun laws since Sandy Hook Attack

NBC News, December 14, 2015.  This is a very unbalanced article.  No notion that gun control may make it more likely that people will be victims of violent crime.

John Lott, a longtime gun researcher and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, said that the trend of states making it easier for permit holders to carry concealed weapons has continued since Sandy Hook.


3 Nov , 2015

Daily Caller Header

CPRC at the Daily Caller: “The New York Times Keeps Getting Its Gun Facts Shockingly Wrong”

John Lott has a new op-ed at the Daily Caller:

Last week, a New York Times editorial shockingly claimed that American concealed handgun permit holders have been responsible for 763 non-self-defense deaths since 2007. The Times editorial cites these numbers as proof of the “myth of the vigilant citizen” and “foolhardy notion of quick-draw resistance.”

But the numbers they rely on from the Violence Policy Center are fatally flawed, quadruple counting legitimate self-defense cases as criminal murders and blaming suicides on permits when the suicides don’t even involve guns.

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23 Oct , 2015

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Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham again cherry picks research and misstates what those studies show

The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham has another new post on gun control (earlier ones here), where he is claiming that most people are wrong to believe that permitted concealed handguns make them safer.  In this case, Ingraham is responding to a new Gallup poll that finds that by a 56-to-41 percent margin Americans believe that more people legally carrying permitted concealed handguns would make them safer.…

28 Aug , 2015

CBS Evening News with Lott

CPRC on the CBS Evening News to Discuss the Public Health Approach to Gun Violence

John Lott talked to Jeff Glor on CBS’s Evening News about guns (Thursday, August 27th, 2015, 6:45 to 6:47 PM).

. . . John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and author of the book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” says he does not buy the idea that gun violence should be treated as a public health issue.


26 Jul , 2015

Wash Post Mass Shooting Cover post

Washington Post’s misleading article on “mass shootings” — falsely claiming “204 mass shootings” when virtually none of these cases qualify for the normal definition of “mass,” UPDATED: Response from Washington Post

Click on screen shots to enlarge.

Christopher Ingraham at the Washington Post has another article on guns.   Unfortunately, Ingraham explicitly ignores the FBI’s definition on mass shootings.  The cases he ends up with involve very few murders and are heavily biased to include gang and other criminal activity.  Curbing gang violence is important, and it could be done pretty simply: stop enforcing the laws or legalize drugs.  …


24 May , 2015


CPRC in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Twisting statistics to smear cops”

John Lott’s latest piece at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review starts this way:

False claims about police brutality are poisoning race relations.

This feeling of “unfairness,” as President Obama noted in his weekly address on May 16, is “fuel(ing) the kind of unrest that we’ve seen in places like Baltimore, Ferguson and New York.”

The riots it incites threaten people’s lives and destroy businesses.

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31 Mar , 2015

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CPRC at Fox News: “Media misfire? Columbia J-school, Bloomberg unite to teach gun coverage”

Perry Chiaramonte’s news article has this discussion of the CPRC and our survey that Gary Mauser oversaw of economists and their views on gun control:

Critics who think the media has an anti-firearm agenda won’t like the lineup behind a high-powered, upcoming seminar aimed at training reporters to cover the issue of gun violence.


21 Feb , 2015

CPRC on Jim Bohannon Radio Shows to discuss the New York Times’ claims about concealed handgun permit holders

John Lott talked to Jim Bohannon on his show America in the Morning for a discussion of concealed handgun laws. This first clip is just 6 minutes long. Friday, February 20th, 2015 during the 5 AM hour.

John Lott talked to Jim Bohannon on his widely listened to show “Late Night with Jim Bohannon” about the problems with the New York Times claims about concealed carry permit holders and the state of gun control in America.…