Media Bias

CBS TV show has yet another mass public shooting by white racists using machine guns

1 Feb , 2021   Video

Does CBS think that all mass public shooters, indeed all criminals, use machine guns? CBS’s FBI Most Wanted (S2 E5 Jan 26, 2021) once again has a machine gun used in a mass public shooting. The weapon is referred to in the show as “an assault weapon.” Lots of discussions about the “New Patriots trying to start a race war.”…

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Media Bias

More TV Bias on Guns: Another Mass Public Shooting, is the US more dangerous than Mexico? Show implies it is.

31 Jan , 2021   Video

This episode of CBS’s FBI shows a public shooting at a quinceañera (a celebration of a Latino girl’s fifteenth birthday) at a restaurant (S3 E4 Jan 24, 2021). A white supremacist did the shooting. The aggrieved father whose wife and daughter have just been murdered relates a conversation that he had with his wife about her concerns that the US is more violent than Mexico.…

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