4 Aug , 2019

Dayton, Ohio shooter is a registered Democrat and a gun control advocate

As we noted in a previous post, the El Paso WalMart killer is a environmental extremist. Now, it turns out that the Dayton, Ohio killer is a registered Democrat. He also self-described himself on Twitter as a “leftist.” This killer obviously also supported gun control, and was very upset when the one of Ohio’s US Senators did not support the gun control he thought was necessary.…

4 Aug , 2019

On the Michigan Talk Network: Talking about the Gilroy shooting and Democrat’s comments after the attack

Dr. John Lott talks to Steve Gruber on the Michigan Talk Network about the Gilroy shooting and Democrat’s comments after the attack.

(Tuesday, July 30, 2019, from 6:35 to 6:46 AM)


4 Aug , 2019

What does the El Paso WalMart killer’s manifesto show?

The killer’s manifesto made a couple of things clear.

  1. He is a racist who identifies with the Christchurch shooter. The New Zealand killer was a socialist/environmentalist.
  2. The El Paso killer is also an environmentalist. His environmentalism is also the basis for his racism and anti-immigrant views: “Our lifestyle is destroying the environment of our country.

3 Aug , 2019

Media Bias on Guns: Vermont’s weak gun control laws risked a mass public shooting

CBS’ Elementary has yet another episode pushing gun control. In this episode, a New York City man who was planning to attack a speaking event got a gun from Vermont. He picked Vermont because of its supposedly weak gun control laws (the episode is about a year behind the times). Why he had to do that isn’t apparent.…


3 Aug , 2019

Biden’s complete flip-flop on whether crossing border illegally is a crime

During the first two Democratic presidential debates in 2019, Joe Biden has taken completely opposite positions on the deportation of illegal aliens. In the first debate in Miami, Biden raised his hand along with virtually all the other candidates in agreeing that there should be decriminalization of the border — that it shouldn’t be a crime for someone from another country to cross the US border without permission.…

2 Aug , 2019

In the Washington Times: Media bias and the gun control debate

Dr. John Lott and Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) have a new op-ed at the Washington Times.

Media bias has a huge impact on the gun control debate. The entire debate would be dramatically different if at least three points about mass public shootings ever got coverage: Shootings keep occurring in places where civilians are banned from having guns, almost any modern firearm can be used to inflict mass casualties and armed citizens prevent many attacks from becoming mass public shootings.

1 Aug , 2019

On the Jim Bohannon Show to discuss the Gilroy Garlic Festival attack and the continuing gun control debate

Dr. John Lott talked to Jim Bohannon on his national radio show about the mass public shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California and the continuing gun control debate. They also talked about the Democrat presidential candidates debating gun control on CNN in Detroit. After the first 15 minutes, Lott took calls from listeners on a range of gun control topics.…


31 Jul , 2019

On the Vicki McKenna Show to discuss the Gilroy shooting in California occurring at another gun-free zone

Dr. John Lott was on the Vicki McKenna Show that covers most of Wisconsin (WISN, WIBA, WMEQ) to discuss the Gilroy shooting in Santa Clara County, California occurring at another gun-free zone.

(The Vicki McKenna Show, Monday, July 29, 2019, 4:35 to 4:50 PM)


31 Jul , 2019

At Townhall: Ilhan Omar Defended by Media and Fact Checkers

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Townhall about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) comments about terrorism. The piece starts this way:

As if Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) hasn’t already said enough controversial things, a new video surfaced this week of an old interview with her on Al Jazeera.

In the clip, Al Jazeera asks her about attacks in the U.S.

30 Jul , 2019

On One America News: GOP aims for school safety by ending gun free school zones

Dr. John Lott is interviewed by One America News about our research on mass public shootings occurring in gun-free zones and school shootings. Congressman Thomas Massie is also quoted as using statistics from our report on school shootings.

(One America News, July 30, 2019)…