12 Mar , 2018

Politifact’s continued biased and flawed evaluations of gun control: Questioning the claim that police are convicted at higher rates than permit holders

Politifact’s Jon Greenberg claims: “Florida lawmaker repeats dodgy claim about crimes by cops vs. concealed permit holders.”  They rate the claim as “false.”

This is in response to our research “comparing conviction rates of police and permit holders.”  The Florida State Representative, Matt Caldwell (R-North Fort Myers), who made the claim being evaluated made a somewhat different statement: “A law enforcement officer is more likely to commit a crime than a CWP (concealed weapons permit) holder.”

1) The data on police counts the number of reported cases, not the number of officers involved in the crimes.  


11 Mar , 2018

On Radio America to discuss the useless solutions being proposed to stop mass public shootings

Der. John Lott talked to Radio America’s Greg Corombos about the useless solutions being proposed to stop mass public shootings.

(Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 13 minutes)

11 Mar , 2018

Fact Checker Snopes.com’s big mistakes in comparing mass public shootings in the US and Europe

Snopes.com recently fact-checked a post that we first put up in June 2015 and updated on January 7, 2016.  This became an issue for them because a story that Fox News’ Special Report that had run a couple years ago was getting circulated on Facebook after the Florida high school shooting.  …


10 Mar , 2018

Woman loses her job as Social Worker simply because she had a concealed handgun permit

A 22-year-old woman claims that she was fired from her job as a social worker simply because she has a concealed handgun permit, not because she actually had her gun with her near work.  Durham is a victim of sexual assault who apparently got her permit because she was fearful that her attacker would retaliate against her.  …

10 Mar , 2018

Fox News citing Crime Prevention Research Center on Mass Public Shooting around the World

Antonia Okafor mentions Crime Prevention Research Center on Mass Public Shooting around the World.

February 16, 2018, 5:30 to 5:31 AM

UPDATE: CPRC Original Research: All but two of the 25 worst mass public shootings, 59 of the worst 67, occurred outside the United States


9 Mar , 2018

Parkland School attack started at 2:21 PM, ended at 2:27 PM, officers entered building at 2:32 PM

The Miami Herald has this description of the incredibly slow response from the Broward Sheriff’s office.  While Broward Deputy Scot Peterson arrived at the building one minute after the attack started, it was another 10 minutes before any officers attempted to enter the building.  From the Miami Herald:

Cruz was dropped off at the school by an Uber at 2:19 p.m.

9 Mar , 2018

CPRC in the News: The Hill, The Des Moines Register, The News & Observer (Charlotte, NC), American Thinker, Daily Signal, World Net Daily, and more

The Hill, March 8, 2018

As has been the case with school shootings, American soldiers were sitting ducks in the defenseless killing fields known as “gun-free zones,” where criminals, but not the average citizen would be armed. In fact, the Crime Prevention Research Center revealed that 96.2 percent of mass public shootings from 1998 through 2015 occurred in gun free zones.

9 Mar , 2018

States that allow teachers and school staff to carry guns

After the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, a number of states have considered allowing teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns.  The obvious question is how has it worked in the states that allow guns to be carried.  For example, here is information on accidental shootings.  There are no known cases where a teacher or staff member has had their gun taken from them.…


8 Mar , 2018

At Fox News: “Here’s why raising the gun possession age could cost some crime victims their lives”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News that starts this way:

The Florida House gave final legislative approval Wednesday to a bill banning gun sales to anyone under 21, sending the measure to Gov. Rick Scott, who has not said whether he will sign it into law. More significantly, there is serious consideration in Congress of a similar national ban.

8 Mar , 2018

Spike in premeditated killing of police officers, changes in who is killing police

Over the last couple of decades, it is hard to see any particular pattern in the number of police officers who have been murdered in the line of duty, but the pattern for ambush killings, attacks that involved premeditation is a different story.  During the years from 20 years from 1996 to 2015, on average 8 percent of police officers who were murdered died in premeditated attacks.  …

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