31 Jan , 2014

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ABC News’ extremely misleading report on dangers of guns in homes: Instead of asking neighbors if they own guns, ask them if a gang member lives there

ABC News special report, “Young Guns: A Diane Sawyer Special”

Diane Sawyer: “Every hour a child is rushed to the emergency room because of gun shots.”

David Muir: “Looking at children and guns, the most recent statistics from 2009. And take a look tonight, they are eyeopening. The new numbers are arresting.

30 Jan , 2014

How often are people mistaken as home invaders and accidentally shot?: It looks to be extremely rare

We get this question often. It comes out of claims made by Arthur Kellermann and his research claiming the risk about having guns in the home. No official government statistics are collected on such cases, so we decided to do a news search to get a rough idea of the magnitude of these cases.…

27 Jan , 2014

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Arrest rates and racial inequality

A new study published in Crime & Delinquency claims that whites have fairly high arrest rates has been given attention by the Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, New York Daily News, Newsday, and Salon. International coverage includes the UK Daily Mail and India Talkies. The problem is that blacks are much more likely than whites to be arrested relative to whites than this new study appears to find.…

25 Jan , 2014

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CPRC at Fox News: Civitas Media’s concealed weapon databases of permit holders won’t make US safer

The newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

January is National Stalking Awareness Month and this week’s announcement by Civitas Media, that it was constructing a national database of concealed handgun permit holders, couldn’t have come at a worse time.

This is quite a service Civitas will provide stalkers with.


25 Jan , 2014

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Maryland Mall Shooting at yet another gun free zone

The Mall in Columbia was clearly yet another gun free zone. (Click on figure to make it larger.)

Of course, just as important, it is essentially impossible for your average citizen in Maryland to obtain a concealed handgun permit. Permits are issued to ex-cops and a few politically well connected wealth people.…

19 Jan , 2014

CPRC discussed in Human Events: “3-D Gun Bans Mean More Crime, Violence”

The news story at Human Events starts this way:

Modern technology makes gun control measures even weaker as criminals continue to unlawfully use firearms while law-abiding citizens continue to follow the law.

“Three-D metal printers make guns that look and function in exactly the same way as any metal gun would,” said John Richard Lott Jr., founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, a research and education organization that studies the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety.

18 Jan , 2014

CPRC on Washington DC’s big WMAL to discuss recent gun control issues

John Lott was Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor’s guest on Friday morning to discuss a range of gun control issues from background checks to the large push by Michael Bloomberg, liberal foundations, and the federal government to fund research that will support their gun control efforts (audio for the January 17th show is available here).…

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15 Jan , 2014

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Evaluating Mother Jones’ “10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down”

The fact that federal court judges are citing Mother Jones’ claims about guns as evidence, particularly for what is cited, is pretty disappointing. We were recently asked to evaluate Mother Jones’“10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down.” Virtually all these responses were widely available in the literature, but unfortunately Mother Jones neither acknowledges nor addresses this literature.…

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12 Jan , 2014

CPRC in the Philadelphia Inquirer: On why gun control is becoming even more impossible to impose

The op-ed piece in the Inquirer starts this way:

The new year has brought yet more gun-control regulations. President Obama announced new executive orders on background checks. Connecticut citizens stood in long lines to register their guns, and, next door in New York City, registration lists are used to confiscate them.

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8 Jan , 2014

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CPRC on Canada’s Sun News with Brian Lilley to discuss gun control

The video of my discussion with Brian Lilley on gun control is available here:

Correction: At the end of the interview, Lott misspoke when he was discussing the change in murder rates for DC. Instead of the change in murder rates over five years, he meant to say over the following four years.…