2 Mar , 2014

CPRC on NRA News

CPRC was on NRA News to discuss Bloomberg’s false claims about how the 1996 budget Amendment on CDC research impact firearms research. The audio of that interview from Friday, February 28th is available here.…


27 Feb , 2014

CPRC at Fox News: “Don’t believe mainstream media mistruths about firearms research”

John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

If we are to believe the mainstream media, the powerful NRA has used its political muscle to keep people ignorant of how guns impact our safety. They are supposedly to blame for the elimination of firearms research. This is all a result of a 1996 amendment to the federal budget stating “None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.”

Thus last month, ABC News reported: “In 1996 the NRA successfully lobbied Congress to pull millions of dollars out of government-funded firearms research.

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27 Feb , 2014


The CPRC is proud to release a new study that is available here.

Here is part of a news story on the report from Fox News:

A forthcoming study is challenging claims, repeated over and over in the media, that federal restrictions effectively froze gun research over the last two decades.

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26 Feb , 2014

CPRC on the Sportsman TV Channel: Two interviews discussing various gun control claims

The audio of an interview from Tuesday, February 18th is available here.
The audio of an interview from Friday, February 21st is available here.…


24 Feb , 2014

CPRC on Piers Morgan’s cancelation at CNN

CPRC’s president, John Lott, has been on Piers Morgan’s CNN show many times. With Morgan’s announcement yesterday that his show was being cancelled, John Lott wrote a piece for the National Review Online. The piece starts this way:

Sunday’s announcement that Piers Morgan had lost his show at CNN was hardly unexpected.


22 Feb , 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at Saturday, February 22, 5.07 PM

An exchange in Scientific American over the academic literature on concealed carry and background checks

This is the second exchange in the letters section of Scientific American that John Lott has had with Michael Shermer in the last year.

Of course, the single paper that Shermer cites was mentioned and discussed at length in the review of the literature that Lott provided in More Guns, Less Crime (click on screen shots to make them larger).…

22 Feb , 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at  Sunday, February 23, 9.10 AM

Obama’s impact on US gun sales, a warning about using NICS checks to measure gun sales

Gun sales have exploded under the Obama administration even while crime rates have fallen. Jason Riley has recently made that point in the Wall Street Journal. NICS checks for guns are a rather imperfect measure of gun sales. People can buy multiple guns with one sale. NICS checks are also inflated because they are used by states to periodically check concealed handgun permit holders.…


21 Feb , 2014

CPRC at Fox News: Media cherry picks Missouri gun data to make misleading case for more control

John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News discusses the forthcoming study in the Journal of Urban Health that has been getting a lot of media attention. His piece starts this way:

With headlines claiming “Study Shows Gun Control Works,” media outlets such as CBS, MSNBC, PBS, Washington Post, and BBC were breathless over a soon-to-be-released study by Daniel Webster in the Journal of Urban Health.

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21 Feb , 2014

CPRC on Coast to Coast AM to discuss US Senator Markey’s bill mandating people can only own so-called “Smart guns”

The news interview with George Noory on the new proposed law by Senator Markey is available here (Coast-to-Coast AM, Friday, February 21, 1:06 to 1:09 AM EST).

For those interested, information on the unreliability of these so-called “smart guns” is available here.…


20 Feb , 2014

CPRC on KMOX to discuss new studies funded by Bloomberg on school shootings and Missouri

John Lott appeared on the Mark Reardon Show on KMOX to discuss new research funded by Michael Bloomberg on schooling shootings and Missouri ending its universal background check rules for handguns. The audio of the interview is available here (KMOX, Thursday, February 20, 4:05 to 4:14 PM CST).

Note: There was an error at the beginning of the segment suggesting that Bloomberg gave money to the CPRC.…

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