3 Dec , 2014

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CPRC on Coast-to-Coast AM: Discussing the increase in gun sales during November

The audio of the interview that I did with George Noory is available here.

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Gun sales on path for near record sales, Ferguson stories might be helping increase, but sales were already high for the year

The FBI NICS checks are on path for near record sales — probably hitting near 21 million this year.…


2 Dec , 2014

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CPRC in the New York Daily News: “Dangerous distortions about cops shooting black men: An oft-cited figure is based on incomplete data and questionable math”

John Lott’s newest piece at the New York Daily News starts this way:

Exaggerations have poisoned discussions about relations between blacks and the police.

“Black men between the ages of 15 and 19 are 21 times as likely as whites to be killed by a police officer,” said Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”

Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree echoed Todd.

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2 Dec , 2014

CPRC on Bill Martinez Live: Discussing Ferguson fall out

John Lott was on the Bill Martinez Live to discuss the fall out after the Ferguson verdict was released (show went from 9:20 to 9:45 AM, Tuesday, December 2, 2014).  Martinez’s show airs in over 250 markets.
Part 1:

Part 2:


28 Nov , 2014

CPRC in the news on Bloomberg’s Everytown gun control claims to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner

For the second year in a row, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown has tried to get people to talk about gun control during Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, the claims that Bloomberg wants people to talk to this year are no more accurate (see “Talking Turkey About Guns, 2014”).  From Guns.com:

. . . The figures at the heart of the current infographic, however, have been discredited by Dr.

28 Nov , 2014

CPRC in the news on concealed handgun laws in Louisiana

The Times-Picayune discusses the Louisiana’s concealed handgun law:

A study by Crime Prevention Research Center, a gun-carrying advocacy site, looked at permit data from 2007-2013. It showed for each 1 percentage point increase in the adult population holding permits there is roughly associated with a 1.4 percent drop in the murder rate.

26 Nov , 2014

CPRC in the news on claims that the background check system would be fixed if only more names of prohibited people were included

AWR Hawkins with Breitbart News has this:

Breitbart News spoke with Crime Prevention Research Center president John Lott about the suggestion that a lack of information is allowing the wrong people to slip through our current background check system. Lott suggested the problem is completely different—that the real problem is in how our current background check system can inadvertently prevent law-abiding citizens from getting the guns they need when they need them.

25 Nov , 2014

CPRC in the Washington Post: “‘New’ research on gun laws and crime was flawed”

The CPRC has a letter to the editor today at the Washington Post that discusses a recent working paper that was discussed in the Post on November 14th.

Dear Letters Editor:

Christopher Ingraham’s “More Guns, More Crime” ignored research critical of a slightly updated, error-ridden paper by law professor John Donohue and two graduate students co-authors.

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22 Nov , 2014

In an attempt to control high murder rates, Russia is starting to allow concealed carry

From the International Business Times:

Russia, which according to official figures has the fifth highest murder rate in the world, has relaxed its gun ownership laws.

Previously, Russians were only allowed to own firearms for hunting or target practice, but under the new laws they will be allowed to carry them for self-defence as well.

20 Nov , 2014

CPRC in Investor’s Business Daily: “America Should Make It Easier To Carry Guns”

John Lott’s newest piece at Investor’s Business Daily discusses what Americans can learn from Israel about stopping terrorism.  The piece starts this way:

Terrorism is forcing Israel to let civilians carry guns in even the most sensitive religious areas in the wake of Palestinian attacks in places from a sidewalk to the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue.

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