24 Oct , 2014

CPRC on Coast-to-Coast AM discussing terrorist attack in Canada

John Lott talked to George Noory about the terrorist attack in Ottawa, Canada. The discussion was on Thursday, October 23, 2014 from 1:07 to 1:11 AM EDT (audio available here).…


23 Oct , 2014

Lott-Kesten piece in the Advertiser

CPRC opinion piece on gun bans in the South Australian newspaper The Advertiser

The opinion piece that John Lott with Kesten Green, a professor at the University of South Australia, appeared in the Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser. We will try to add a link to the original article later.
(Click on figure to enlarge copy of the op-ed.)

UPDATE: The Advertiser has added a link for the op-ed piece available here.…

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22 Oct , 2014

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CPRC at Fox News: “The truth about young black men and police shootings”

John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

Tensions are still high in Ferguson, Mo., after the Aug. 8 police shooting of Michael Brown. On Friday, it was reported forensics showed Brown’s blood was on both the inside of police officer Darren Wilson’s car as well as Wilson’s gun.

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21 Oct , 2014

Explaining why the risks of lead poisoning from shooting guns is greatly exaggerated

This quote is part of a long piece that Thinkprogress.org had on the risks of lead poisoning.

. . . John R. Lott is founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, a tax-exempt organization that works to “advance the scientific understanding of the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety.” His works include “More Guns, Less Crime” and “The Bias Against Guns,” and he has written several opinion pieces to the conservative Daily Caller.


21 Oct , 2014

Supreme Court agrees to hear case on impact of conviction on gun rights

The Supreme Court agrees to hear case on whether a conviction for a crime terminates all gun ownership rights. Reuters has this discussion of the case:

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on Monday to decide whether a Florida man convicted on drug charges and forced to give up his firearms under federal law could sell the guns or transfer ownership to his wife or a friend.

21 Oct , 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at  Tuesday, October 21, 12.49 PM

CPRC on Dana Loesch’s TV show to discuss errors in FBI report on public shootings

A copy of the CPRC report that was discussed on Dana’s show is available here.

21 Oct , 2014

CPRC at Breitbart on FBI’s problematic study on Mass Public Shootings

The story by Kristin Tate at Breitbart starts off this way:

A fresh report by the FBI would lead one to believe that mass shootings in the U.S. have dramatically increased during recent years. But according to economist John Lott — Founder and President of the Crime Prevention Research Center — the agency’s recent study is riddled with errors and may be nothing more than a bogus attempt to peddle a political agenda.

21 Oct , 2014

CPRC’s Report to the Parliament of Australia on “The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community”

On October 30th the Australian Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs will hold its final hearing on “The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community.”  The CPRC was asked to testify via teleconference on Thursday,  October 30th, 2014 at 5:30 PM EDT.  A copy of our testimony is available here. 


20 Oct , 2014

CPRC on the radio to discuss the FBI’s misleading claims on mass public shootings

John Lott was on Sand Rios’ national radio show on Monday, October 20, 2014 from 8:20 to 8:37 AM EDT (audio available here).

Tom Gresham’s national radio show on Sunday October 19, 2014 from 2:07 to 2:19 PM EDT (audio available here).…

15 Oct , 2014

CPRC goes to Orlando, Florida to testify before the US Commission on Civil Rights on Stand Your Ground Laws

On Friday, the US Commission on Civil Rights will hold hearings on Stand Your Ground laws. CPRC’s president will testify before the commission between 1:30 to 3:30 PM EDT. (Some media coverage from the hearing is shown below.) In the run up to the hearings, Lott published the following op-ed piece in the Orlando Sentinel under the headline (“Right to stand your ground transcends race and politics”):

As the U.S.