17 Sep , 2014

CPRC research discussed in Alabama Today

Alabama Today has a detailed discussion on concealed handgun permits in the state, noting that there are now about 470,000 permit holders in Alabama.  The news article relies heavily on our July report on concealed handgun permits around the country.

Unfortunately, there were some weaknesses in the piece.

— The six states that allow people to carry without a permit very likely have even higher rates of legal concealed carry than Alabama ( no permits are required in Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Montana (99.4% of the state), Wyoming, and Vermont).…

15 Sep , 2014

CPRC on WVON in Chicago for a lively discussion on racial issues and crime

Maya Akai had John Lott on WVON, the big black talk radio station in Chicago, to discuss racial profiling in law enforcement, Ferguson, and affirmative action in police departments. It was a very lively program.  What was particularly striking was the number of callers who claimed that more police are put in high crime black areas so that they can kill more blacks.  …

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13 Sep , 2014

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The Explosion in Insider Trading cases and Penalties under the Obama Administration

Original data available here.  The number of insider trading cases increased from 6 a year under President George W. Bush to 15 a year under President Obama.  The big increase in cases under Obama didn’t come until 2011, which isn’t surprising as it takes some time after a case is brought before a sentence is determined.  …

10 Sep , 2014

Bakersfield, California Vice Principal shows that concealed carry permit holders can legally carry guns on school property

This story won’t be a surprise for those who have followed the CPRC (or here).  In California, concealed carry permit holders are allowed to carry on school property if they have approval of the school superintendent, which it would be too surprising for Vice Principal to obtain.  From KBAK/KBFX in Bakersfield, California:

A Tevis Junior High School administrator who was arrested and subsequently released last month after bringing a gun to school has filed a claim against the city of Bakersfield and its police department, according to his attorney Daniel Rodriguez.


8 Sep , 2014

Bloomberg’s groups continue to push to ban guns in businesses

Bloomberg’s groups have been pushing for sometime to get businesses to ban guns in their facilities.  On Monday, Panera Bread announced that it was asking customers not to bring guns to its restaurants” ((314) 984-1000).  But much of the media coverage has been misleading and simply asking people not to bring their guns with them won’t have any legal effect.  …


7 Sep , 2014

Concealed carry permit holder defends himself against six gang members who tried to rob him, gang members part of dozens of robberies over past 3 days

From TMJ4.com: “Police bust a dangerous teenage crime ring after a 15-year-old suspect is shot to death by one of his intended victims.” These “thugs” were believed to have previously beaten and robbed a young woman. The 15-year-old who was shot and killed had been shot in a similar robbery last month.…

7 Sep , 2014

“Shaneen’s Law”: Both Democrats and Republicans in New Jersey moving to allow discretion in sentencing out-of-state residences carrying concealed handguns

Shaneen Allen’s prosecution in New Jersey for carrying her permitted concealed handgun from Pennsylvania is getting attention from the state’s politicians of both parties.  Here is the push from Democrat state Senator Jeff Van Drew.  From CBS New York:

Shaneen Allen was pulled over last year during a traffic stop and said she had a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit.

3 Sep , 2014

CPRC on the Larry Elder Show on KABC Radio to discussed concealed handgun laws in Illinois

John Lott’s interview on the Larry Elder Show on Chicago’s experience with concealed handguns is available here. Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 from 8:20 to 8:30 PM EDT.

A related piece in Investors’ Business Daily starts this way:

More Guns, Less Crime: Since Illinois began issuing concealed-carry permits this year, robberies, burglaries, car thefts and, yes, even murder, are down significantly.


2 Sep , 2014

CPRC on Washington, DC’s WMAL discussing at what age children should be allowed to fire guns

The interview with Austin Hill on Friday, August 29th, 2014 from 5:35 to 5:40 PM EDT (available here).
A related discussion was done with Steve Gruber on the Michigan Talk Network, Friday, August 29th, 2014 from 8:35 to 8:55 AM EDT (available here).…

29 Aug , 2014

Given the debate over the 9-year-old with a gun, some examples of children who used guns to save the lives of family members

With all the discussion about possibly setting age restrictions on gun use after the tragic death of a firearms instructor in Arizona (see analysis here), here are a few examples of young children saving lives with guns.

The fearless 11-year-old took action when she saw the cougar following her 13-year-old brother as he was walking towards their home .