28 Apr , 2014

Save Lives & Deter Criminals — Help start the Crime Prevention Research Center

The crowd funding site is available here at Indiegogo.

CPRC’s primary goals are to:

  • Advance the scientific understanding of the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety.
  • Improve the awareness and knowledge of this scientific understanding among the public, journalists, and policy makers.
  • 27 Apr , 2014

    Tribune Review 04272014 interview

    CPRC interviewed in the Sunday Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Michael Bloomberg’s push for gun control

    The interview that John Lott had with Eric Heyl at the Pittsburg Tribune-Review starts this way:

    John R. Lott Jr. is president of the Crime Prevention Research Center in Washington, D.C. He spoke to the Trib regarding former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pledge to commit $50 million of his personal fortune toward his new gun control organization, Everytown for Gun Safety.


    25 Apr , 2014

    Radio Show appearances to discuss the Crime Prevention Research Center

    Greg Garrison Radio Show WIBC in Indianapolis (Thursday, April 24th, 9:35 to 10:00 AM EDT).
    Peter Schiff Radio Show (National) (A Wednesday, April 23rd, 10:35 to 11:00 AM EDT).
    Phil Valentine Radio Show (National) (Wednesday, April 23rd, 3:35 to 3:45 PM EDT).
    Conservative News/Talk KNUS, Denver, CO (Wednesday, April 23rd, 4:35 to 4:45 PM EDT).…

    25 Apr , 2014

    CPRC on CNN’s Headline News

    Transcript from Nancy Grace’s show on CNN’s Headline News last night:

    GRACE: In the last hours, we learn the homeowner, this 65-year-old man, Byron Davis Smith, actually calls the teens vermin. All of this is caught on tape. Smith has a home security system. And not only does it catch what he`s doing visually, you hear the audio, too.

    24 Apr , 2014

    Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at Friday, April 25, 4.21 AM

    CPRC on Fox News discussing Georgia getting rid of some gun free zones, other related media

    Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a>Fox News on April 24th from 3:33 to 3:37 PM.

    The Georgia State House passed the bill 112 to 58 and the State Senate passed it 37 to 18, with prominent Democrats such as State Senator Jason Carter, who is likely to be the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee, voting for the bill along with other Democrats.…

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    24 Apr , 2014

    CCWbargraphMarch2014 800 wide

    Massive errors in the Violence Policy Center’s “Concealed Carry Killers”

    The Violence Policy Center regularly puts out the claim that concealed handgun permit holders are a danger to themselves and others. Right now they claim that concealed handgun permits have been responsible for 636 deaths from the entire United States over almost seven years from May 2007 to March 2014. John Lott has pointed out errors in the VPC numbers for Florida, so here let’s take the errors in just one state Michigan.…

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    23 Apr , 2014

    Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at  Wednesday, April 23, 9.17 AM

    5 Year Recidivism of Prisoners released hits 77 percent

    This new study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that the previous measures of recidivism that looked at just the first two years after release missed a lot of the problem with former prisoners being rearrested.

    The 5 year rate for
    All offenses: 77%
    Violent Crime: 71%
    Property Crime: 82%
    Drug Offenses: 77%
    DUIs: 60%

    Bureau of Justice Statistics, Date of release: 12/30/13, Report title: Federal Justice Statistics, 2010 NCJ 239913…

    17 Apr , 2014

    CPRC at Fox News: “What the press is missing in Bloomberg’s anti-gun push”

    The newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

    Gun control has largely been a top down effort. Michael Bloomberg’s latest announcement that he will spend another $50 million to push gun control – 2.5 times the amount spent by the NRA annually on political activities – is all too typical.

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    17 Apr , 2014

    CPRC Board member Arthur Berg’s piece in the Wall Street Journal: “How to Stop a Would-Be Killer at a Military Base”

    CPRC Board member Arthur Berg had a piece in the Wall Street Journal last week that started this way:

    Barring soldiers from carrying concealed weapons at Fort Hood Army base in Texas demeans the soldiers and ignores reality. It also gets people killed. In 2009 and again on April 2, lone shooters at Fort Hood were able to murder a total of 17 people and wound more than 40 largely without fear that anyone could interrupt them.

    16 Apr , 2014

    Bloomberg’s $50 million push for gun control this year, and why that is only the tip of problem

    Bloomberg’s promise to spend $50 million this year on gun control efforts is just the tip of the iceberg. As the NY Times reports it, this is 2.5 times the $20 million that the NRA has been spending a year on political activities.

    But that $50 million is really just a portion of the money Bloomberg is spending on the gun issue and it doesn’t even count all the other money that is flowing into the issue.…