Despite Claims that they care about promoting Social Distancing, Virginia bans online classes for concealed handgun permits

21 Jan , 2021  

While Virginia colleges and K-12 schools have moved to online classes and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has waived certain training requirements for Class B commercial driver’s licenses, as of January 1, 2021, Virginia’s Democrats have ended online classes for concealed handgun permits. In addition, Northam imposed onerous COVID-19 restrictions on indoor shooting ranges. …



Nikki Goeser on the Phil Valentine Show 99.7 WWTN: Tennessee Prison System Accused of Putting Prisoner Rights Groups Before Victims

21 Jan , 2021  

The CPRC’s Nikki Goeser talked to Phil Valentine on the giant 100,000 watt WWTN-FM. They discussed how the Tennessee prison system won’t take away the good time early release credits from her husband’s murderer who has continued threatening her and stalking her from prison. Bizarrely, the Tennessee prison officials have told Goeser that they don’t want to take away the early release credits because they are afraid of upsetting prisoner rights groups.…


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At Newsweek: Don’t Let Anti-Gun Activists Weaponize the Capitol Hill Riot

20 Jan , 2021  

Dr. John Lott has returned to the CPRC and he had this piece today at Newsweek.

After the riot at the U.S. Capitol, gun control organizations warn that armed rioters at state capitols across the country on Inauguration Day pose a threat to our democracy. They claim the only solution is for states to ban guns on capitol grounds, thus extending their bans on carrying guns on public property generally.


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Fox News: Behind Nikki Goeser’s ongoing harassment from her husband’s jailed killer

20 Jan , 2021  

The power of prisoner rights groups is on full display right now in an ongoing battle with the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC). Our Nikki Goeser is fighting with TDOC to get them to remove the good time early release credits granted to the man who murdered her husband as he has continued to stalk and threaten her from prison.…


Defensive Gun Use

Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime, Cases From Early January to Late January 2020

18 Jan , 2021  

Mammoth Lakes, CA, January 6, 2020 (Mammoth Time, KIBS/KBOV

The shooting occurred on the evening of Jan. 6 when an armed, out-of-area man tried to rob a local man who was parked at the gas station. However, the local man, whose name is still being withheld, was carrying a permitted concealed weapon and returned fire.

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How Technology Helped Solve Crime: Locking a car thief in a car, Saving a woman from a rapist, solving a murder, and solving a hit-and-run

17 Jan , 2021  

Technology doesn’t always protect citizens. In 2019, Apple pulled an App that allowed demonstrators to monitor the Hong Kong Police. Law enforcement can obtain Ring doorbell video without a warrant. While Amazon is doing that to help stop crime, there are real privacy issues should the government ever abuse that process.…

Media Bias

CBS’ SWAT has an AR-15 used as a sniper rifle and a machine gun, large capacity magazine

16 Jan , 2021   Video

As the Crime Prevention Research Center has pointed out many times, television crime shows seem to think criminals are constantly using machine guns to shoot people. This episode of CBS’s SWAT has an AR-15 used as both a sniper rifle to shoot fire fighters and a machine gun when shooting police officers (S4 E7 Jan 13, 2021).…

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UPDATED: 23 State Capitols Officially Allow Some Form Of Legal Firearm Carry. Soon that will be 25 states. At Least 4 Others Currently Allow In Practice.

15 Jan , 2021  

CPRC has found that 23 State Capitols officially allow visitors, legislators, employees, or all of the above to carry guns legally. The New Hampshire state House is the most recent place to allow carrying permitted concealed handguns into legislative buildings.

By a 66-to-31 party-line vote, Montana’s state House just passed in January a bill that will allow people to carry in the state Capitol, and passage in the Republican Senate seems assured before the end of the month.…

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At Townhall: Tennessee Prison System Accused of Putting Prisoner Rights Groups Before Victims

14 Jan , 2021  

Nikki Goeser, the CPRC’s Executive Director, has a new piece up at Townhall.

Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) doesn’t seem to think it’s a criminal offense that a murderer harasses a victim of their crime from their prison system. Despite a Federal judge ruling that there is sufficient evidence for the murderer to face stalking charges, the prison system announced on Tuesday that they are still not willing to seriously review this case.