Trans teen (a woman pretending to be a man) arrested for threatening to shoot up a school, wrote a 129-page manifesto dealing plans. Researched other trans mass murderers. Wanted to be famous. Seeing psychologists, but they didn’t flag the danger.

Apr 18, 2024 | Mass Public Shootings

A Montgomery County high school student is charged with what police describe as plans to commit a school shooting.


Andrea Ye, 18, of Rockville, whose preferred name is Alex Ye, is charged with threats of mass violence. Montgomery County Police and the FBI arrested Ye Wednesday.


In a statement, police said the FBI notified the department about a 129-page “manifesto” written by Ye outlining strategies for carrying out a school shooting in Montgomery County. Ye also contemplates targeting an elementary school and says he wants to be famous, police said. . . .


Brett Barrouquere, “Montgomery County high school student charged with plotting school shooting,” Baltimore Banner, April 18, 2024.


As with other mass public shooters, Ye “wanted to become ‘famous’ by massacring” others. Ye reportedly engaged in online searches of other mass murders by trans individuals, such as the attack at the Covenant School in Nashville. Ye was also undergoing psychiatric care, but it was a fellow patient, not the mental health care experts, who alerted authorities to the threat that Ye posed.


Ye reportedly spent the last 15 months under psychiatric care. Court records show that the student purchased a BB gun online without their parents’ knowledge. Records suggested she was considering committing “suicide by cop,” which describes an individual who points a weapon at police to be killed. In addition, the investigators spoke with a psychologist who treated Ye, with another counselor informing them, “Ye would express violent thoughts such as shooting up the school, wanting to hurt other people, and would smile while saying it.”

Nicole Dominique, “Transgender Teenager Arrested For Planning To Shoot Up An Elementary School,” Evie, April 17th, 2024.


We have previously pointed to the high rate of mass public shootings by trans individuals. More information on trans individuals engaged in attacks or threatened attacks is available here.




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