Gun Control Advocates Blame “Lax Firearm Laws” in “Florida, Arizona, and Georgia” for Haiti’s Gun Problems, including their “automatic weapons”

Mar 15, 2024 | Gun Control Advocates

Bursts of automatic weapons were fired, until late Monday night, from outside the international airport towards the landing runway, with gunmen simulating taking down an aircraft.

Footage obtained by Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN) shows a man standing on the roof of a sports utility vehicle and firing a machine gun towards the runway . . .

“Criminal armed gangs claim power in Haiti, vow installation of new government,” The Gleaner, March 5, 2024.

As Haiti has again plunged into violent chaos, images of gang members bearing high-powered rifles, pump-action shotguns or automatic weapons in the streets of Port-au-Prince have become ubiquitous. . . . likely to have originated from states with lax firearm laws, and many trafficked into Haiti from Florida. . . .

Oliver Laughland, “Guns and weapons trafficked from US fueling Haiti gang violence,” Guardian, March 14, 2024.

Robert Muggah, a security expert from the Igarapé Institute, highlights the role of straw purchasers in obtaining firearms from the US, particularly in states with weak regulations. These weapons, ranging from handguns to military-grade rifles, empower criminal gangs and contribute to a surge in violent crimes, including sexual violence, kidnapping, and displacement. . . .

Social Media, “Guns and weapons trafficked from US fueling Haiti gang violence,” Asean Now, March 15, 2024.

There are lots of news stories and pictures about gangs using machine guns being in Haiti. The first story above is just one example. The question for gun control advocates is: Are they really going to argue that the source of those weapons is the United States? If not, why is it so obvious that the gangs couldn’t have gotten weapons from other sources if the United States didn’t exist?