Yet more Gun Control Advocates Blame John Lott for Mass Public Shootings

Nov 5, 2023 | Gun Control Advocates

Michael Bloomberg’s The Trace earlier this year figured out who was responsible for mass public shootings in the US. In a series of Tweets after mass public shootings, The Trace wrote: “After a mass shooting, people often ask why the U.S. hasn’t passed stronger gun control laws. One major factor: John Lott, a researcher whose work has been used for decades to justify looser firearm regulations, despite serious concerns about his methods.” One of their reporters noted: “[people] inevitably ask why there’s no progress on policy reforms. One reason is John Lott, who has provided the empirical justification for looser firearms laws since the 1990s.” They have put out other similar posts after other mass public shootings.

Now, the gun control group K-12 School Shooting Database is claiming: “This guy [John Lott] should go to prison for enabling an entire generation of school shooters.” Yet, gun control advocates ignore that all the school attacks where anyone has been killed or wounded occur in places where teachers and staff are banned from having guns. They also ignore that every single time that all guns or all handguns have been banned murder rates go up.

They also claim that Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” is “a bunch of false claims about guns.” They ignore that most peer-reviewed academic research supports 




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