Violent Crime Rates by Race

Nov 3, 2023 | Crime

In 2022, the murder rate among blacks is 653% higher than the murder rate for whites. The murder rate for Hispanics is 65% higher than for whites. Nor are those numbers that much of an outlier. From 1990 through 2022, the black murder rate average 569% higher than whites, and the number for Hispanics was 57% higher.

Looking at overall violent crime, blacks were between 13 and 20 percent more likely to be victims of violent crime.




Biden Administration Harassing Largest Gun Dealers

Biden Administration Harassing Largest Gun Dealers

The Biden administration continues its push to put gun sellers out of business. The criteria for being included on the list is relatively simple: at least 25 guns traced to a crime over a year that were purchased within the past three years. It’s known in the law...