New York’s Background Check System for Ammo Sales Facing Constant Delays and False Positives

Sep 20, 2023 | background checks

The system is facing “massive wait times.” One has to wonder if gun control advocates view this as a positive part of the law.

In New York, background checks are now required to buy ammunition, and background check requests will go through the state police instead of the FBI, possibly adding a delay in purchases. Fees are also being implemented to pay for the background checks– $9 on firearm purchases and $2.50 for ammo.

Vann says the rollout of the rules this week resulted in massive wait times.

“It took eight hours between a computer tech and me to play with their website to get their website working,” she said. . . .

Alek LaShomb, “New gun law targeting ammo stirs controversy in New York’s North Country,” Burlington-Plattsburgh WCAX-TV, September 19, 2023.

The system is also producing false positives.

“The system isn’t working — they’re making mistakes,” said Tom King, executive director of the state Rifle and Pistol Association.

King said he was denied over the weekend when he filed an application for a background check to purchase .410 shotgun shells in Rensselaer County.

A person has 30 days to appeal if State Police deny the attempted sale, and police have 30 days to respond and explain the reason for the denial. Additional appeals are filed with the state attorney general’s office. . . .

Kate Lisa, “‘It’s not working’: State police ammo database sees issues, delays,” NY State of Politics, September 19, 2023.