Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Are Arguing that the Gun Crimes Charges Against Hunter are Unconstitutional

Sep 16, 2023 | Gun Control Advocates

How will Joe Biden, who wants to expand background checks on guns, deal with his son Hunter arguing that all background checks are unconstitutional?


The attorney for Hunter Biden, who is facing felony gun charges, said that the statute is “likely unconstitutional” and he expects “the case will be dismissed before trial,” ABC News reports. . . .


“While the criminal statutes cited in the indictment are clear — it is a crime to lie on a gun application form or to possess a firearm as a drug user – Hunter Biden’s attorney suggested that the charges could be unconstitutional, citing a recent appeals court ruling that drug use alone should not automatically prevent someone from obtaining a gun.”


Lucien Bruggeman, “Hunter Biden’s lawyer says gun statute unconstitutional, case will be dismissed,” ABC News, September 15, 2023.



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