On the Gary Nolan Radio Show: Dr. Lott Blocked by Shannon Watts on Twitter and How Surveys are Biased on Gun Control

Aug 16, 2023 | Radio

Dr. John Lott talked to Gary Nolan on KSSZ-FM across central Missouri about Mom’s Demand Action’s Shannon Watts blocking Lott on Twitter and his piece at the Federalist about how surveys on gun control are slanted.

(Saturday, July 22, 2023)




On Iowa’s KXEL: To Discuss Crime Data

On Iowa’s KXEL: To Discuss Crime Data

Dr. John Lott appeared on Iowa’s giant 50,000-watt KXEL-AM radio station to discuss his new op-ed at the Wall Street Journal titled "The Media Say Crime Is Going Down. Don’t Believe It: The decline in reported crimes is a function of less reporting, not less crime."...