Entertainment TV Police Shows Keep Pushing the Narrative that Policing in the US is Systemically Racist

Aug 11, 2023 | Media Bias

The Crime Prevention Research Center has kept track of some of the claims in entertainment TV police shows that policing in the US is systemically racist. This episode of FBI Most Wanted has a black man falsely accused of murdering a young white man for purely political reasons — that it would appeal to white voters (Season 4, Episode 22, May 23, 2023). Dylan McDermott (playing Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott), whose brother was murdered, goes from believing the black man murdered his brother to realizing the prosecutor had ignored evidence that would have exonerated the black man. Unfortunately, the black man dies in prison from cancer before he can be exonerated.

FBI Most Wanted, Season 4, Episode 22, May 23, 2023