UPDATE: Texas Mall Shooting in yet ANOTHER Gun-free Zone, though not all parts of the mall might have been properly posted

May 6, 2023 | Gun Free Zones

The Allen Premium Outlet massacre that left multiple people dead occurred in yet another gun-free zone. A link to their weapons policy is available here. However, apparently, only some parts of the mall are properly posted to make the ban enforceable. Thus while people might not be legally prevented from carrying guns in the mall, there are likely to be many law-abiding people who are otherwise legally carrying who will decide to honor the wishes of the mall, even if there is not the force of law behind the prohibition.

The news media claims that the shooter, Mauricio Garcia, served in the Army but was discharged over “mental health concerns.” They also classify him as a neo-Nazi and white Supremacist, though how a Hispanic would fit into those groups isn’t exactly clear.

Some claim Mauricio Garcia was “a Mexican Nationalist and gang member.”

Other cases of mass murders in these gun-free zones can be seen here.

UPDATE: eight were murdered, and seven wounded.