Old National Bank Shooting in Louisville was in yet ANOTHER Gun-free Zone, the murderer was another left-winger

Apr 11, 2023 | Gun Free Zones

The attack by a former employee at the Old National Bank in Louisville occurred at 8:38 AM on April 10th, 2023. Bank hours are between 9 AM and 5 PM, so only employees were present, though the bank apparently also bans customers from carrying permitted concealed handguns. Importantly, the bank’s employee handbook makes it clear that carrying a permitted concealed handgun into the bank is a fireable offense. This employee would have known that the employees were banned from having guns. Why isn’t this newsworthy? Why isn’t it newsworthy that time after time these mass murderers pick targets where their victims are defenseless?

Why wasn’t it newsworthy that the Covenant school murderer passed up another target they viewed as having “too much security”?

“It was the only school that was targeted. There was another location that was mentioned, but because of a threat assessment by the suspect of too much security, they decided not to,” Drake said. “That area was here in Nashville, so we’re continuing with that investigation as well.”

Lydia Fielder and Tony Garcia, “Nashville school shooter purchased 7 guns, planned attack on multiple locations, police say,” WSMV, March 27, 2023.

The murderer was clearly a left winger.

A Twitter profile that belonged to Sturgeon has also been taken down. According to The Daily Beast, the now-deleted Twitter account included, “posts in support of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, as well as some criticism of police violence and of then-President Donald Trump,” . . .

Jessica McBride, “Connor Sturgeon, Louisville Shooting Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” Heavy, April 10, 2023.

The murderer apparently followed CNN and hated Fox News.