Florida woman defends herself against ex-boyfriend with a gun

Apr 20, 2023 | Defensive Gun Use, Featured

This is a dramatic story that could have turned out quite differently if she wasn’t armed.

. . . The Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 3 p.m. Easter of a person shot at a duplex in the town of Bronson, authorities said. Officials arrived at the scene and found James Young, Jr., 40, dead on the floor inside the apartment. 

Investigators say Young had “a prior domestic relationship” with the unidentified woman living in the home, and traveled to the duplex armed with a gun to “confront” the woman.

The suspect and woman began to “struggle” after Young arrived, according to the sheriff’s office, but the woman was able to retrieve her own firearm.

The woman was able to fire off one shot that struck Young on the chest and killed him. The woman fled to a neighbor’s home for assistance following the incident. . . .

Emma Colton, “Florida woman turns tables on armed ex who showed up to apartment, kills him with one shot,” Fox News, April 16, 2023.