Constitutional Carry Advances in Florida, Nebraska, and South Carolina

Feb 24, 2023 | Gun Control Laws

Florida: This week, the Florida House and Senate Judiciary Committees passed Constitutional Carry bills. The Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee voted 16-7 to approve the House version. The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee passed its version of the bill by a 5-to-3 vote. In contrast to the House bill, the Senate billincludes school safety measures, such as expanding the school guardian program to allow private school staff to be armed, in addition to public and charter school guardians.”

South Carolina: Constitutional Carry is a little farther along in South Carolina. The Republican-dominated House passed the bill by a 90-to-30 vote. At least two Democrats must have voted for the bill, as Republicans have an 88-to-36 seat margin in the House.

Nebraska: Last year, the Senate Judiciary Committee wouldn’t pass their Constitutional Carry bill. This year was very different, with five votes in favor, zero votes against it, two abstentions, and one not voting. Amazingly, there were no votes against the bill. Both black Senators from Omaha, both of whom are Democrats, voted in favor of the bill.

UPDATE on Nebraska: “A last-minute amendment to a controversial gun rights bill has resulted in the Omaha Police Officers Association dropping its opposition to the proposal.” The amendment increases “penalties for ‘prohibited persons’ carrying concealed guns and failing to ”immediately inform’ a police officer that you are carrying a concealed weapon. It also would make some misdemeanor offenses, such as domestic violence and resisting arrest, qualify for enhanced penalties if a concealed gun was involved.

Prediction. It looks like right now that the bill has 35 votes (32 Republicans and 3 Democrats), which is two more than needed to overcome the filibuster.