TV Show bias on Guns: What looks like a defensive gun use by an armed law-abiding civilian turns out not to be

Nov 23, 2022 | Media Bias

Television show bias against guns is never-ending. Except for a couple of episodes on Paramount’s Yellowstone, you won’t see an entertainment television show with a civilian successfully using a gun defensively. Instead, something always seems to go wrong when guns are used defensively (from being fatally shot by the criminal without stopping the crime to getting in the way of police to continually having the gun stolen and use in a crime to it being used in an accidental shooting), and while this episode of NBC’s “Chicago PD” starts off differently, it comes to the same conclusion (Season 10, Episode 3, October 5, 2022). This episode first looks like a successful defensive gun by a civilian legally carrying a gun that stopped a robbery and saved lives, but only later does it become clear that the “good Samaritan” was actually the lookout for the robbery crew who turned on the other criminals after they started killing people.

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