New Rasmussen Survey: Like surveys before the election, most believe mail-in voting encourages fraud. The highest-income people, the ones with the most education, are least likely to be very concerned about preventing cheating in elections.

Nov 15, 2022 | Survey, Vote Fraud

Before the election, at the end of September, likely voters by a 62%-to-36% margin thought that preventing cheating in elections was more important than making voting easier for everybody. A new Rasmussen Reports Survey shows voters holding the same views, though not quite as strongly, 56%-to-41%. The pattern also remains the same, with the highest paid individuals and those with graduate school educations being more concerned about making it “easier for everybody to vote” than the uneducated and poor.

By an 51%-to-30% margin, likely voters also think that mail-in voting makes cheating easier as opposed to having no effect. Once again, the highly educated and wealthy aren’t any where near as concerned as the least educated and poor.