The Lawyers who won the Landmark Supreme Court victory protecting the Second Amendment were told to no longer do such cases or leave their law firm

Jun 26, 2022 | Concealed Handgun Permits, Gun Control Advocates

After the 2020 presidential election, President Trump found that all the best lawyers were forced to not take the cases because their firms gave them the ultimatum: withdraw from representing Trump or withdraw from the firm. Apparently, because they represented people’s right to self-defense, Paul Clement and Erin Murphy just faced a similar choice this week. It is very disappointing that Kirkland & Ellis is unwilling to allow conservative causes to be represented.

After we prevail before the high court, we generally receive a round of congratulatory messages from law-firm colleagues for a job well done, especially when we have helped our clients vindicate their fundamental constitutional rights.

This time around, we received a very different message from our law firm. Having just secured a landmark decision vindicating our clients’ constitutional Second Amendment rights in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, we were presented with a stark choice—withdraw from representing them or withdraw from the firm. There was only one choice: We couldn’t abandon our clients simply because their positions are unpopular in some circles. . . .

Paul Clement and Erin Murphy, “The Law Firm That Got Tired of Winning,” Wall Street Journal, June 23, 2022.