How bad is crime in Los Angeles?: Crime is causing the USPS to suspend mail delivery in a neighborhood where the median family home is worth between $750,000 and $1 million

Apr 11, 2022 | Crime

Granted this is just one neighborhood and the police know the identity of the main culprit, but if he is committing crimes against postal workers, why can’t he be arrested and taken off the street?

The United States Postal Service has suspended its services for one block of residents in a Santa Monica neighborhood, after several reported assaults took place on carriers delivering mail in the area.

A report was filed back on Jan. 19 for an incident that occurred in the early evening, when a mail carrier was attacked by a resident who lives near the intersection of 14th Street and Arizona Avenue. . . .

Residents in the area were delivered notices from USPS, disclosing that “delivery service is hereby suspended to all addresses located on the 13-hundred block of 14th street.”

As expected, homeowners in the area are more than upset, especially since the actions of just one person seem to have put them all at a loss. 

“My immediate reaction was just disappointment… frustration,” said Courtney Smith. 

The notice continued to state that “multiple carriers have been subjected to assaults and threats of assault from an individual who has not been located or apprehended.”

CBS reporters reached out to Santa Monica police, where they learned that only one assault has been officially reported, and even then the victim declined to have the case prosecuted. . . .

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