UPDATE: Columbiana Centre Shopping Center shooting in another gun-free zone, appears to be gang-related

Apr 16, 2022 | Gun Free Zones

The shooting at the Columbiana Centre Shopping Center in Columbia, South Carolina has left 10 people shot. So far three people have been arrested. The shopping center’s code of conduct makes it very clear that they completely prohibit firearms from the grounds of the mall. This very clearly appears to be gang-related. The problem is that when you ban guns from an area the most law-abiding people obey the rule, not the criminals, so the law-abiding people are defenseless.

“We believe the individuals that were armed knew each other, and there was some type of conflict that occurred which resulted in gunfire,” Holbrook said in a Saturday afternoon news conference. “This was not a situation where we had some random person show up at a mall to discharge a firearm and injure people.”

Paradise Afshar and Emma Tucker, “12 injured, three people arrested after shooting at South Carolina mall, police say,” KESQ Channel 3, April 16, 2022.

UPDATE: One of the shooters has his bail set at just $25,000 and is allowed to travel to and from work while wearing an ankle monitor if he posts bond.




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