Concealed Handgun Permit Applications Soar in Philadelphia, up 600% from recent years

Mar 26, 2022 | Concealed Handgun Permits

70,789 people represent about 5.73% of the 1.236 million adults in Philadelphia. This is a notable increase in applications for Pennsylvania, which already ranks 5th in the percentage of adults with permits (1.486 million, August 2, 2021).

From 2017 through 2020, the number of license-to-carry applications in Philadelphia held about steady, ranging between 11,049 and 11,814 applications each year. But in 2021, 70,789 people applied for licenses to carry guns. . . .

Victor Fiorillo, “License-to-Carry Applications Have Skyrocketed In Philly — Even More Than You’d Think,” Philadelphia Magazine, March 16, 2022.




Biden Administration Harassing Largest Gun Dealers

Biden Administration Harassing Largest Gun Dealers

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