Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Marty Makary: The CDC ‘Sits On’ Data To Suit Their Narrative. Raising questions about trusting them on other data issues.

Jun 14, 2021 | CDC, Corruption

The CDC has had serious errors previously in their data dealing with gun control issues that the CPRC was able to get corrected only after strenuous efforts. If the CDC withholds data that goes against their initial claims, why should we trust them on other issues such as gun control? From Fox News on June 13, 2021.

“The headlines that were not broadcast by the CDC, and the media did not cover, was that no child in that entire study died of Covid, number one. And number two, the hospitalization rate was lower for Covid than it was of influenza. The CDC sits on a lot of data. And by the way, why are we getting this data from February now in June, again, with the heart-swelling complications of over 300 kids? They had that data now for three weeks, they announced it last Wednesday. They’re having their emergency meeting about a week and half later. They sit on a lot of data and they don’t give the key data that tells us which kids are dying of Covid. If we had that data, we could target our strategy. It turns out that there’s probably only been one child in the United States who has ever died of Covid, who was healthy, that is didn’t have a comorbid condition. And we got the data on Friday on suicide rates, up 50% earlier this year in February among teenage girls. We know why. We know why. Why are we getting February data now when it’s not actionable? We should’ve got it in February.”




On Iowa’s KXEL: To Discuss Crime Data

On Iowa’s KXEL: To Discuss Crime Data

Dr. John Lott appeared on Iowa’s giant 50,000-watt KXEL-AM radio station to discuss his new op-ed at the Wall Street Journal titled "The Media Say Crime Is Going Down. Don’t Believe It: The decline in reported crimes is a function of less reporting, not less crime."...